Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jumping off the ledge...

Okay...remember when we were kids and all our friends were doing something that we wanted to do cause it looked like it was fun? But we knew, somehow...some way, it could get us in trouble?

I have been putting off becoming a blogger cause I don't have time to pick my nose, much less chat about it. But dang it...all my friends are doing it! I want to, too!! So here goes. It may suck until I get the hang of it and figure out the tricks of the trade. But I can't stand it anymore.

Being a writer I am intrigued by thoughts and plots. I can be walking with family in the mall, or anywhere for that fact, and see someone/people and create a history, or even interpret a moment to fit my own twisted mind. My husband will threaten to increase my meds unless I quit making him laugh. Not that I am a funny person...I just enjoy the what if's. While my mom was undergoing a heroic battle with cancer we would use our dry, southern humor to forget the pain. Her physical mental (pain of course) at watching her deal with whatever was thrown wickedly her way. Sometimes the nurses couldn't quite understand what we had to laugh about, but it was better than crying. Giving up was not an option. Even when they gave her two years..she is now cancer free by God's own grace.

Think Steel Magnolia's...when all the divas were walking after burying Julia Robert's character. They had us crying, laughing and wiping snot off our face with the back of our hand cause we stupidly forgot our hankies. I want to do that - not wipe snot - but I want my work to have as much of that incredible emotional charge.

So welcome to my attempt at blogging. I hope to share my writers journey without shaking too many heads along the way.


jennifer shirk said...

Looking good, Chelle!!

Chicki said...

Hey Chelle,

Welcome to the Blogosphere! Judging from what I know about you, you have a lot to share with people that will encourage and entertain!


Chelle Sandell said...

You guys rock! Thanks for the encouragement. Trying to figure out how to add links and I will add yours!

Bella said...

It looks good Chelle. I've also added you to my blog list.