Monday, February 19, 2007


Over the weekend, I guess, we lost another celebrity. Mentally that is. What kills me is the amount of money and power these people have and they can't handle the "pressure". But yet you see so many others that do so much and pay it forward.

Poor Britney. She married a bad boy, one who she had taken from a pregnant girlfriend. And she can't understand why it didn't work? She shaves her identity off and gets yet another tattoo and cries that she wants her momma. It's sad when tattoo artists and a hair salon owner can see the hurt and a little girl lost. The press sensationalized her party splurge with Paris Hilton where she was runnin' around without her drawers on. That's something for her boy's to proud of. Where is her family now? Did she run them off with the power trip we saw when she did her reality tv show? Have they given up on her or are they waiting for her to hit bottom because she refused to listen to those that cared the most?

I can see where it could be hard to trust people around you when you're paying the bills for an entire entourage to come out and play. But when it's supporting family and friends that are willing to give up their own identity and everything else to follow you around and be there for you mentally and physically...

I love it when people say that money is evil. Especially when lottery stories get out about what money did to a winners life. Well...when your family, friends and strangers are knocking down the door with requests, I can see how that would be hard. Of course my hubby and I have dreamed the lottery dream of what we would do if we won. It was amazing how much our answers were similar. The first issues would be home and direct needs for us and close family. Not a multi-million dollar home or an Italian sports car...just an upgrade from where we are now. So many winners went out and spent their millions on desires instead of a future. Isn't that what most of us want though, a great future where you won't have to struggle anymore? Not that I'm saying we wouldn't splurge on a few things. Our big splurge was wanting to take our boys on some incredible vacations. My basic (tight-wad) self would never imagine paying $1000 a night for a boys will appreciate a $100 a night room just as much. It is about the memories we could create for our family. Not, how it would feel to own a $500,000 car. We would also want to pay it forward somehow...maybe college scholarships for low income families or houses for single mothers.

I don't know...won't unless we win the lottery. But I think people never basically change. If you have a good heart and foundation, it will show. Same thing if you let greed and hate rule your heart.

Kind of a weird post today...but I've been told lately that I'm weird...if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.


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Chicki said...

Great blog today. I've always thought about what I'd do with a big financial windfall. Oprah is my example. She treats herself well -- very well, but she never fails to bless her staff, family, friends and strangers. That's why she'll never lack anything. It's a biblical principle.