Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar night

I'm an old woman hoo. I tried to stay up late to watch the Academy Awards to see who got the Oscar for supporting roles. I was mostly interested in whether or not Jennifer Hudson won. Talk about a whirlwind ride! Yay! She won. Good for her. Gives alot of inspiration for those struggling toward a dream. But no...I didn't make it in time to watch. I fell asleep at 10ish. Oh well. I'm sure her speech will be shown a couple of times in the next week. The dresses were beautiful and it was fun to see the red carpet walk.

Has anyone seen the documentary by James Cameron about the archeology find? Some people believe they have found the tomb of Jesus, Mary Magdalane (sp?) and a boy child. Could it be? If it confirms centuries of debate as to the marriage and descendents of Christ. We finally watched the Davinci Code and it gave me chills. What do you think?


Chicki said...

Go Jennifer!!! She's truly a "Dreamgirl!"

As for the tomb thing, I have no problem with the idea of Jesus being married. After all, he walked this earth as a man. BUT, knowing the infallibility of the Word of God, I believe if He got married during His short 33 years on earth, THE BIBLE WOULD HAVE SAID SO. This concoction of theory is just another way to cast doubt about the person of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Bible. And the DaVinci Code was pure fiction - the author himself said it was!

Chelle Sandell said...

I guess I am one of those that can believe the Bible can be correct even with an omission of the possibility that Jesus had a family. Maybe it was kept a very well guarded secret because his closest followers were afraid for their lives. For some reason I do not see this as a negative. It almost excites me to think of the possibility that there are blood decendants of Christ on earth. It in no way casts any doubts in my mind about what Jesus is in my life and/or in the truth of the Bible. As for the DaVinci Code...was I wrong to believe that it IS fiction but was based off of those very theories that are centuries old? It is not a new theory but has been around since the time of Christ from what I have been told. I guess I am not looking at this in a negative or harmful way in what Christ or the word of God means to me. But that is why this has been a widely held debate in beliefs.

Angela Jefferson said...

I can't wait to see the documentary on Sunday. The probability of Jesus having a family is there. The archeology find is fascinating to me!

Chelle Sandell said...

The documentary has a website you can visit which is so interesting.

They are not trying to shake up the Christian faith. The main thing is it might be a contradiction for those that believe he ascended to heaven in a physical body. I was raised in faith to believe it was a spiritual ascent to sit beside his Father in Heaven. But my mom is bothered by the find because of the fact that there is no referral to him having sex or having sex outside of marriage. There is only a rumor of him being married but no actual reference to him being married in the gospels so the fact he may have fathered a child is what bothers her. But she agrees that this may be one of those things where we just have to choose to believe or not.

I am also a huge history lover and archeology is very fascinating.