Monday, March 12, 2007

Back to Basics

Been a little busy. I didn't realize, until this morning, that I hadn't posted since last Tuesday. But as I look back...what did I do? I got a couple of critique partners caught up. I have a couple more to work for...

Then I get distracted. My SIL will have a baby in Lubbock in May. The headlines the last couple of days blared about a baby taken from the Lubbock hospital. How reassuring. But the positive thing about my SIL having a baby is it's a girl. I have a house full of boys. I get a little Diva to spoil!! Too bad they are so far away though.

And I tried to focus. I even turned off the tv.

But alas, I am one of those writers that needs stimuli. I can't stand the quiet. What a shame. I even crave it, but not for long. I miss the chaos and turn the stupid tv back on. Chapter 5 is killing me.

Brain surge...maybe I should kill someone!!! Bring it on chapter 5. I think a certain rookie DEA agent has died and a mystery deepens. Thank you for the inspiration!

Back to the basics. Did you ever have a Literature or English class where they gave you a sentence or paragraph and told you to write a story? That was my all-time favorite exercise.


Chicki Brown said...

I'm so glad the got that baby back and she was okay. What an awful thing to happen to a new mother.

I've never taken any writing classes, but in my local writer's group we did an exercise where we had to choose a fairy tale and rewrite it. I did a hip-hop spin of "The Princess and the Pea." It was so much fun!

Angela Jefferson said...

Lord! Let's not even put that in the universe for you SIL. But my SIL is due in June so I know how you feel. Just trust that everythings going to be ok.

Of course! I even do an exercise on my own where I keep two envelopes, one with slips of papers with occupations on them and one with slips of paper with scenarios on them. Sometimes to jumpstart my creativity i pull two occupations like "vet" then "college student" and pull an scenario like "neighbors." I then write a scene with hero and herione who are neighbors, one is a vet and the other is a college student.

Great fun! Try it! If you need the list let me know.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I remember a writing exercise like that! They WERE fun. And neat to see all the different directions people took off in writing their stories.

Well, I'm sure they've "upped" security to the extreme in Lubbock right now, so at least that's reassuring. How nice for your family that she'shaving a girl.

(I'm particularly sweet on them myself) :)