Monday, March 26, 2007

Series or Singles?

As I was browsing through my favorite blogs, I read a post on Romancing the Blog by MG Braden about her confessions of being a Series Slut. I have to totally commiserate with her. And for the same reasons.

I got hooked on romance books due to my favorite Aunt Susie and her girls. They were excited about our family, Native American ancestors that were used in a novel they just happened to be reading. I loved to read before this incident...but mainly stuck to Nancy Drew and VC Andrews. Which also goes to show my love of anything dramatic and mysterious.

What makes me a series slut? Well, it is my analytic need to finish. I love knowing what happens after a HEA. I enjoy knowing what happens to brother Bob or crazy best-friend Betty. Fern Michaels was my first and La Nora seems to be the most recent.

I still enjoy the desire for reading series. BUT...I also become bored after reading too many books by a certain author because sometimes it seems too familiar. It gets old when I can read the first chapter and can tell you how it will end...and who is next.'s an addiction. I have to follow through if I know there is another book or especially if it's a trilogy.

I just love to read. Do you prefer series or singles?


Chicki said...

I'm a single title woman. The only series I've ever read was the Left Behind series. They were so excellent, I forked out money to buy the first twelve.

Chelle Sandell said...

I loved the Left Behind series!!! We've got them all. Except the ones we've loaned out to our friends. My D.A. buddy has one now.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I don't think I've ever read a series. **gasp**

Maybe I read a Nora Roberts one, but it was probably by accident. Ha!

I think reading a series is a big commitment. For ex. I want to read the Eve Plumb series by J, Evanovich, but by now I feel so far behind that I don't bother because I'm anal enough to want to start with book one and then what if book two isn't there when I want it.

I've got problems.