Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Unsung Hero

I was going through my favorite blogs and couldn't quit grinning when I read a post on Pink Ladies Blog by a favorite author of mine, Kay Stockham. It was talking about an article on Harlequin's search for a new kind of romance hero model.

My crit partners at RAH and I have recently laughed at our significant others and the differences in how we handle physical pain. But we also understand the special ways they show their love, without the spoken words. In her post, Kay was talking about the cover models chosen for her. Luckily, they made a perfect fit with the picture she had in her mind. They weren't perfect ~ by industry standards. Oh...but they were hunky and eye-candy, one had a scar similar to the character. The unshaven and everyday, living-life out loud, hunky.

Construction Worker Biker Shaving

She wanted to know what our own personal hero would look like...

Love Letter

In my comment I said:
......I couldn’t agree with you more about the unsung hero. I look at my dh and what he means to me and my boys. I see him on a horse and have to wear a bib to catch the drool. Could it be the well worn, comfortable denim jeans straining against the thigh…? That’s a match with the black hat - tilted low down over the half-closed, love me eyes cause I can wrestle a bull. He can fight a 2000 lb pound bull and will bring me pink tulips for Mother’s Day.........
And my boys are learning from their Dad about being a Rico Suave kinda-guy. The oldest has stepped up with dh gone and is trying to help me corral the youngest. Today, my little one said, "See Mom, my heart is saying 'it loves you'. It wants to give you a kiss."

But while I am writing, I feel my personal issues slipping into my thoughts. I love cowboys and what they stand for. In a synopsis I wrote for my next law enforcement heroes. A physical therapist. I do have a D.A. storyline waiting because Nick has demanded his tale be told, but it is based on a personal friend whom I deeply admire.

What type of heroes do you dream to write about?


Jennifer Shirk said...

Interesting article!

I just read a great book from the Love Inspired line. The Hero was quiet, not bad with handling a baby, a terrible cook, but he was rugged, tender in moments, Christian--yet when someone came to the Heroine's door and threatened her, he was right there and threw the guy out of the house.

The author did a great job with making those not so over-the-top traits into something very sexy. Especially for an Inspirational Romance.

I love a Hero like that. Someone the Heroine can really depend on and someone who would do anything for her. It's not always about the bulging biceps to me.

Chicki Brown said...

I must admit I love the Alpha heroes -- the bad boys who are eventually tamed by the heroine. But in real life I know those guys are poison.

My idea of a perfect hero is a totally masculine guy who's secure enough to show tenderness and kindness. But the bulging biceps wouldn't hurt either. :)