Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen things about moving...

Okay...I'm definitely not a rookie. I've moved a few times. But this time my hubby isn't here to help and I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I know, I know...but you say it's Friday. I'm moving. I don't know what day or time it is. At least I got the oldest to school every day this week. So here is a list of a few things I've discovered this week...

1....Blue and black are pretty colors next to pink toenail polish. I've dropped umpteen things on my poor feet this week. Ouch.

2....There was an entire colony of toys who were living in a little world behind the living room furniture. Makes me think of the movie Toy Story.

3....I found a new bug species living at the bottom of the babes toy to his corndog from lunch two weeks ago. I wonder if I'll get the credit for naming it? The bug, not the corndog.

4....Remember the Bowflex I just bought and put together? Two days before we decided to move? I wonder how many screws I can lose?

5....Food has an expiration date?

6....Does cereal? Does it count if you don't remember buying it?

7....I love my children. Maybe if I can say it enough I won't freak out this week.

8....I'm good. Well, you guys knew that but, I hooked up the 18 foot trailer yesterday and hauled a load over. I even took it back home and was able to back it back in between two duplexes in a space big enough for a vehicle.

9....I suck. Well, you guys knew that but, I got mad at my oldest and hurt his feelings. I was so stressed and he wasn't helping and took off riding bikes with the youngest. When I yelled at him he said he thought he was helping, he was keeping the little one busy and out of the way. My heart hurts.

10....My back, arms and butt hurt too. I found out I have muscles God didn't even know he gave us.

11....I found strength I never knew I had.

12....I love my kids. Gotta keep saying it. Didn't realize how spoiled they really were until I started moving their belongings.

13....I found out how blessed I am. I love yous guys. Thank you for the support and encouragement.

Have a wonderful and laid back weekend!!!


Unknown said...

Gonna have to steal this post when I make my move! Hang in there and get yourself a nice pedicure when you're done for those tooties of yours! You deserve it.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Great post, Chelle!

(except for the new species of bug you found) I got a little squeamish at that.

God bless ya! Keep going! You're doing great!

Chicki Brown said...

Isn't it amazing how we find new strengths when we're forced to? When you get settled, take a long, hot bubble bath and soothe those aching muscles.

BTW, #3 reminded me of when I found an old hot dog in my daughter's play purse. Ugh!!! Kids can do the most insane things...