Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back on track...

Okay...got an email and the pitch has been rescheduled for Monday the 20th. Nerves back and working great thank you. But at least we know what to expect and hopefully things will be a little easier next time thanks to the wonderful hosty's handling details.

The boys and I are having a grand time riding go-carts, bumper boats and all types of rides. We love Branson because it is so family oriented and fun activities for all ages. It began kind of rough but smoothed out pretty quick.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and good vibes. It's a great feeling to finally have something go right and friends rally regardless...good or bad. But I got a funny email from someone and not quite sure how to handle it. I've read several articles about writers envy and even felt a twinge of jealousy when a writer friend is published. But it doesn't mean I would ever wish anything negative their way. My jealousy was geared more toward...I want that for myself. To me it was motivation.

I've read books before where I wondered how they broke through to get published. But someone sent me an email questioning the amount of time and dedication I have in my writing and didn't agree with the methods Harlequin was using to find new authors. I had thought of this person as a friend but realize now maybe she is just an acquaintance. Which she probably thought the same because I can't imagine wishing a friend to bomb at something. She went on to say she should write for HQ because my writing wasn't as seasoned or experienced as hers...does that mean I'm unworthy of my opportunity to pitch for an editor? Has she read my work? If she has and doesn't care for it...does it mean she thinks that I suck as a writer...or does she think she's a better writer? I haven't even had a request for my ms yet...and even if I did...I haven't signed a contract. If they put one in front of me...I will smile and grab a pen baby! Cause I am doing what I love. But right now I just want to put one foot in front of the other (or one word at a time). If nothing comes of this...back to work.


Chicki said...

Whenever we have success there's always going to be someone that gets an attitude. We want others to be happy for us, but it's just not going to be that way.

Don't let this person get you down. Maybe she is a more seasoned writer than you are, but with that petty spirit, she'll never be blessed.

Chelle Sandell said...

Thank you Chicki! I needed that. I was so excited and she put a kink in it and made me doubt myself. I know I'm still learning. Hopefully it's the plot that the editor likes and the reason she chose my synopsis.

Erin said...

Envy is a horrible thing, and that woman has it in abundance. I'm with Chicki. Don't let her comments get you down.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, Chelle, that's a real heck of a thing to say to someone. What is WRONG with people?

Sheesh. If that person thinks they should write for HQ then they should get their query ready and send it out to them. Period. Let the editors decide.

You're a great writer, and you're enjoying what you write. Some people can't handle that.

Forgive what that person said to you, forget it, and just keep doing what you do.

Chelle Sandell said...

Ya know...my first instinct was to doubt myself. But I wrote quite a few papers in high school and college where professors praised me and my imagination. My grammar can suck but...An English prof was an author and actually said he wanted to encourage me but felt a fatherly instinct to tell me to get a good paying job and write on the side.

The more I think about it...the more I feel sorry for her. She's right about being more seasoned but I wonder if her attitude might be getting in her way. I felt like she was a good writer and she's done well but her personality leaves alot to be desired. It seems as if she wants to blame the editor and agent for her problems...it's never her writing. Ya know...if she's made it as far as she has...why hasn't she published. We don't even target the same publisher. Our styles are totally different. Oh well. I wish there was something I could say that was profound and could make a difference.