Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blog Tagged!

I was blog tagged by Harlequin Superromance author Jeannie Watt . One of the reasons I love her is....she writes cowboy!! Her blog is even appropriately named Cowboy Country. When you get time please check out her site. Her latest book The Horseman's Secret is a wonderful, heart-warming story about a single father learning to let go and love again.

The Horseman's Secret, September 2007
Single Father - Cowboy Country by Jeannie Watt
Harlequin Superromance #1444288 pages ISBN: 0373714440Paperback$5.50

Life was supposed to be less complicated here…

But it’s not working out that way for Regan Flynn. Her new job at the high school came with a difficult boss and an even more difficult twelve-year-old student. And then there’s the girl’s charming cowboy father, the local horsetrainer with More...

Okay ~ Here's the deal:

Players offer eight random habits/facts about themselves. If you’re tagged, you need to write your own blog about your eight things and post those rules. At the end of you blog post, you need to choose someone to tag (supposed to be eight but I don't know that many) - and list their names.

If I tag don't need to feel obligated to tag out to others or if you choose not to're not going to hurt my feelings. So many of us have a hard time finding time to blog, much less being tagged by bunches of friends. If you participate, don't forget to leave your people a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

And now, eight random things about me:

1....I have a dream ~ I want to grow grapes. Yep...I want to own a vineyard. I love wine but only sweet whites. I HATE reds and think most of them taste like tire. Not that I know what a rubber tire tastes like...

2....Jeannie collects Mr. Potato Heads....Have you seen the ones that look like Pirates? They've even got one that looks like a Transformer. I collect Angel figurines.

3....I love to cook. I love to watch Food Network and try out recipes on my family. And I guess I do ok cause they don't complain...much.

4.... I have to agree with Jeannie on this one ~ I love good coffee. Especially in the Fall and Winter!

5....When we lived out in the country we had eight dogs. Yes, we went broke feeding the huge beasts. Why is it when idjit people drop off dogs in the country they all weigh 100 lbs or more? Only two of the eight were ours that we actually got ourselves. Hubby had a Blue Heeler and my bro gave us his black Lab when he moved into an apartment. The hard part was finding good homes for the remaining ones when we moved back to town.

6....I ran over my wedding present. We had a teacup Chihuahua (my lapdog) but she loved being outside, running with the big dogs. And she ran right under the truck one day.

6....I used to sleepwalk. Ok, that's kinda boring but there it is.

7....My fourth great-grandfather was the last Chickasaw Chief before they were forced to move to Indian Territory (Oklahoma). But with blonde hair and blue eyes...I guess the Scottish side prevailed.

8....I dream of writing historicals and mystery novels when I grow up. I am totally focused on Harlequin right now...but one of these days...

Your turn ~ Jennifer, Erin, Tammy, Patricia

Happy writing!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chelle.

I had to come see your 8 things. Not boring!!

#1 is funny. Grapes. Really? Wouldn't you rather collect the wine already made? (smile)

I like your blog--it looks really clean and is easy to read!


Chicki Brown said...

Thank you for not tagging me!

I didn't know you're interested in wines. Have you ever read any of Janice Sims books? She has a couple of romances featuring a family that owns a vineyard, and she definitely did her research.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Hehe. A winemaker who writes historicals and mysteries in-between cooking and drinking good coffee, huh?

LOL! That IS interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

Now I know where else you post. '-)



Chelle Sandell said...

Ellen ~ Thanks for checking out my blog!! Ur always welcome! Of course the fun part is drinking the "fruits" of your labor as a winemaker...just means I can drink cheaper:)

Chicki ~ Your welcome! Your so busy and Jennifer's used to me tagging;) I've heard of Janice's books...I need to find one. I bet our store in the mall has them.

Jennifer ~ Heh! The coffee is very much needed after my nightly glass of wine. Now that kiddos go to bed early for school...I get a glass while I'm writing. ;) Sometimes even if I'm not.

Rae!!!! Hey sweetie! Thanks for checking out my blog. I haven't been real consistent posting but trying to get better! Do you have one?

PatriciaW said...

When I started reading, somehow I knew I was getting tagged. I've done this one before so I need to think of 8 new things but I'll come up with something.

Jeannie Watt said...

Patricia--Tagging is a good thing. Trust me.

Chelle--Love your random eight. This is fun.


Chelle Sandell said...

Patricia ~ LOL! It's come around several times...whats funny is how our group of writer friends intersect...kinda like that goofy Kevin Bacon connection game.

Jeannie ~ Thanks! I like reading everyones responses and try different ones if I get tagged more than once.

Anonymous said...

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