Sunday, September 02, 2007

Just for you honey!

Sorry guys...bear with me while I show hubby pictures of a manufactured house I looked at over the weekend. We're looking at all of our options besides taking a year to build. They are making these houses so much stronger now and pretty nice detail work on the inside.

2280 sq. feet 25 yr warranty on roof and I think 10 yr warranty on the siding.

Master Bed Closet is huge!

Game Room looking into Kitchen ~ Laundry Room has room for the freezer.

Master Bath ~ Shower & Garden Tub W/rock (& MOM :)
One side of tub has linen closet and toilet is on the other side with door.

Game room ~ Front Door ~ Master Bedroom door
Other 3 bedrooms at the other end of house.

Kitchen w/big pantry (Mom) and Breakfast Bar
Dining Room w/ sliding glass door
Living room w/ fireplace looking at kitchen breakfast bar
(Ignore the wooden supports. They hadn't put the seams together yet.)

Kitchen Breakfast Bar (window seats in kitchen)
Fireplace w/ mantel ~ Door leading to middle bedroom.
The boy's rooms would have a bathroom connecting them together.
The 3rd bathroom is between the 4th bedroom and laundry room. But it can also be used as a guest bathroom cause it's right off of the living room w/ fireplace.


Chicki said...

Wow! That's incredible! I love that huge winow.

My only concern is if you live in an area prone to tornados (like we do). In Georgia the first, and sometimes only, homes to be destroyed in a tornado are the manufactured/mobile ones. That scares me.

Chelle Sandell said...

You're such a sweetheart!Yeah...they are alot nicer now but my concern is the stability too. What if we have high winds in the middle of night? We're going to be out in the middle of nowhere without anything but a weather radio. We'll immediately get a storm shelter but did you know that they don't put out a tornado warning until one has been confirmed on the ground...well our house could be in the next county by then. Mom was with me when I looked at the house and she's not happy. I promised if we got it, we would put the house in a grove of trees to cut down on the wind. We still haven't decided yet though and with everyone worried so much we may not do it.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the pics, Chelle!

It looks gorgeous to me - we've been thinking about tearing our old house down and doing something like that ourselves. Of course, we live in town - and I'd want to try to get something that could be put over a basement. We do live in Kansas after all - so the same worries that you have there I guess. ;-)


Bella said...

It's beautiful. From the inside you hardly can tell that it is a mobile. And you're right, they make houses more and more interesting to appeal to customers. We moved to our house four years ago, but I fell in love with it because of the floor design and the kitchen, but the previous owner who'd built it and lived in it for 3 years had added fancy stuff...homesecurity system with motion detectors in every room, outside windows and doors, electronic wiring so a stereo system plugged in the family room had wall-imbedded speakers in the master bedroom and internet connection in every bedroom and kitchen...a little too much in a little town in northern Utah, I think. Haven't used to stereo system and only use the security when DH is out of town.

Good luck house hunting.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Hey, now that is a sweet set up! It's so beautiful.

Chelle Sandell said...

Thanks guys! Yeah we're excited because it would mean we can move out to the land pretty quick but we haven't made up our minds yet. We could stay where we're at and as hubby comes home on R&R we could slowly build. If we did it that way it would be paid with no debt. If we get the new home we'd owe a crap load and hubby would have to stay longer. We're still trying to decide.