Saturday, September 08, 2007


I'm about to have a heart attack...a sure sign of the season.

I love my boys...but school has begun. I actually have time for myself in the evenings when they go to bed and mornings while #2 is in pre-k. With the start of school...comes the weather change. But with the school year...COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

Yes...I'm one of those. It's the only sport I like. My OU Sooners have a young team and are doing well. They are playing an old rival this week and making up for past wrongs as we speak. The only thing that could make my day better is for hubby to be home watching and cheering beside me...and working the grill at half-time. It is our favorite time of year and it only gets better.

Fall. I LOVE cool weather and the upcoming holiday season. But the start of school is what triggers all of my favorites! What is your favorite time of year or holiday...why?


Anonymous said...

Fall is nice. Not too hot - not too cold. School starting back up has never been something that triggers any enjoyment though - beings I've always homeschooled the kids.
I do love this time of year though, when all the wild sunflowers are in bloom along the sides of the roads.

I HATE winter - I do not like the cold. So, as soon as it starts turning cold, I'm no longer enjoying whatever season it is.

Chicki said...

I'm on the other end of the spectrum -- I HATE sports AND cold weather. When the temperature dips below 50 I'm miserable. One plus of living in Atlanta is that it never gets really cold for more than a couple of days at a time. One drawback is I moved from New Jersey to get away from winter and moved to Football Heaven. In the South football is like a religion. The only part I enjoy are the marching bands. Black college bands are awesome!!!!

Theresa said...

I'm a big Ohio State fan.
I love football. It's my favorite sport. Of course it's also the time when my husband and I fight the most (joke!) because he's a Steelers fan and I follow the Browns.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I love all the seasons--although I wish winter was the shortest! LOL!

Fall and college football are great! My alma mater (Rutgers) has been doing great since I graduated, and this year they were actually ranked. LOL!

Chelle Sandell said...

Lol. The only thing I hate about winter is bad roads. Idgets here in Oklahoma can't drive when it even rains...imagine how bad they are on ice.

Chicki~We lived in Birmingham and Pell City AL for several years and had the same exact weather we have here except OK has more wind.

But I grew up watching football and remember the excitement and football parties/cook-outs. Plus I went to OU so the fever spreads!

Theresa~Our couch at OU came from Ohio I think...Bob Stoops? My hubby likes NFL too and his favorite team is Green Bay. Hubby got to watch the OU game on satellite Saturday. He was exhausted the next day at work cause it was 1 am before he finally went to bed.

Chelle Sandell said...

Hah! I meant coach...not couch!

Jennifer~I'll cheer Rutgers on for ya!

Patricia W. said...

I'm a four seasons girl, which has made adjusting to life in FL challenging at times. I love the weather here but I do miss the snowfalls (while it's snowing and I'm inside, not afterward when you have to drive in it) and I do miss the signals in nature, like going from cold winter to that first day warm enough to strip off the coat, or the colors of fall leaves. Besides, I always thought winter clothes--the colors and styles--were sexy.

I'm a sports fan but not football so much. Basketball and baseball. Throw in a little track, golf, women's tennis, and Olympic swimming.

Bella said...

Love fall. The valley is beautiful, the weather perfect, kids are back at school and I get Mommy time.


Chelle Sandell said...

I LOVE the fall leaf changes! But kicks it all off.