Thursday, October 18, 2007


I didn't want to watch. I thought it was stupid. But my teen loves to watch My Name is Earl. He made me do it. One night I was working on the laptop and the boys wanted to watch tv with me. So my 13 yo turned it to NBC. I was shaking my head but couldn't keep my eyes averted. Ya know...when you pass a bad wreck and you want to have enough respect for the victims to not stare, but you can't help yourself. Scary movie...hear the music and see stupid person running through the dark woods. They keep looking at a certain spot with the camera and you know something's gonna happen, but you can't look away. Now I look forward to it. It has depth and life lessons. ;) ROFL. Yes I actually thought that without a smile. But it's like in my reality ~ crap happens. It's all about how you roll with the punches. Irony on crack. Keep an open mind. Try something different. I watched several shows tonight I don't usually watch...maybe we should call it what it is...uh, procrastination. But I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. I've been stuck on a writing brain was broken. I have a million things to do. And I wanted to get lost. No thinking. Just reaction. Grey's Anatomy's rocked for me as always. I laughed. I cried. Izzy is a traitor-bitch. You don't steal from another woman. Come on...McNasty-girl.

But My Name is Earl ~ tonight's show...creative writing on crack. Seriously...lessons in POVs...personality perspectives...highlighting a writer's voice.

Spoiler Ahead ~ Don't read if you'd rather watch.

Earl is in prison...He has to take a creative writing class. But he doesn't have a clue. He's looking at a blank piece of paper and doesn't know where to start. I felt like that this past month trying to reconstruct one stupid chapter. His imagination was a huge empty room with bright white walls. And something mentioned by a fellow prisoner gets stuck in Earl's head. An empty room. Then there is a male gymnast with a black eye.

He was told to think about writing as if he were driving on crack. When he explains to Randy about his class and problem with knowing how to begin...Randy tries it and so begins the domino effect with each character. But the show keeps coming back to Earl because he has writers block. So he decides to quit trying. And started writing just what was in his head. Nothing big...regular stuff. Stuff that makes him happy. He talks about how we sometimes may feel trapped in everyday life but that the grass isn't always greener. You don't know how much you miss something..until its gone.

What was so funny is that each character wrote with different personality perspectives. Their personal POV. Each with their own happily-ever-after. I could detail everyone's screwed up story, but you really have to watch the show to understand the individual personalities.

Bravo. Very well done. For a couple of hours I actually relaxed and smiled. I even laughed out loud. Back to life. Don't take me wrong, I'm extremely happy with my life. Just a little tired and really enjoyed the distraction.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Sounds interesting.

I should watch more TV, but I'm a FOX Cable News geek at night--and the Red Sox.

Chicki said...

I don't watch Earl, but I totally agree with you about Grey's. I used to love Izzy the first two seasons. Now I absolutely hate her, and George and Meredith. Yuck!

I still love the show though. Christina is a hoot and McDreamy is still dreamy. At first I didn't think I was going to like Lexi, but she's not as dippy as she seemed.

My favorite new show is "Dirty, Sexy Money." Is like Dynasty on steroids!!!

Chelle Sandell said...

Yes Ma'm...I loved the brother finally getting caught by his twin, dating her sworn enemy!

Chelle Sandell said...

We watch Fox sometimes Jennifer...but not the Red Sox! ;) My big must see night is Thursday night ABC. The rest of the time it's hit or miss if I have time.