Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cowgirl Up!

Thank you so much for your hugs and encouragement! I'll email the editor to make sure it's ok to resubmit and will rework the story without the sub-plot. At least I'm not sick of the ms and it will almost seem like a new book. Hopefully I can use most of the big scenes without a major overhaul. Ha. Like I think it'll be easy or something! I think I'll try it as my NaNo story...

But something else is on my mind. I've received several emails from caring friends and it's also being circulated around school..."The Golden Compass" is a new movie soon to be released that is geared towards our children, and is based on a trilogy of books written by an author who wants to promote anti-religion and is an athiest. His idea is to hook our kids into the storyline by dumbing down and watering the first book so the kids will want more. Even want to buy the the third one I've heard that Adam and Eve type characters kill God. I refuse to buy the book or do anything to promote this type of verbal vomit.

What amazes me the most...Nicole Kidman is the star actress. She is also a parent. Surely in her position, her publicist has warned her of the potential liability. I liked some of the things she has done. But I will no longer waste anymore of our hard-earned money to reward her for promoting her beliefs and promotion of the evil and deceiptful anti-religion garbage. Here is part of one of the emails I've recieved:

Children's Leaders,

Our children are in danger of seeing this movie. You MUST warn your parents about this movie due to be released December 7th 2007. "The Golden Compass" is a movie that tells children each one of them must have a DEMON (They spell it Daemon)! If they don't there is something seriously wrong with them. Go directly to the movies website and follow the link to "daemons". These daemons are fashioned into cute little animal characters that will be in stores ready for parents to purchase for Christmas gifts. Get the warning out to your parents as soon as possible. I know you will once you watch the explanation of "daemons" from the movies own website.

More information about the movie and the book's author,

Information below taken from the Catholic League website

Catholic League president Bill Donohue discussed the league's reaction to the upcoming movie, "The Golden Compass":
"New Line Cinema and Scholastic Entertainment have paired to produce 'The Golden Compass,' a children's fantasy that is based on the first book of a trilogy by militant English atheist Philip Pullman. The trilogy, His Dark Materials, was written to promote atheism and denigrate Christianity, especially Roman Catholicism. The target audience is children and adolescents. Each book becomes progressively more aggressive in its denigration of Christianity and promotion of atheism: The Subtle Knife is more provocative than The Golden Compass and The Amber Spyglass is the most in-your-face assault on Christian sensibilities of the three volumes.
"Atheism for kids. That is what Philip Pullman sells. It is his hope that 'The Golden Compass,' which stars Nicole Kidman and opens December 7, will entice parents to buy his trilogy as a Christmas gift. It is our hope that the film fails to meet box office expectations and that his books attract few buyers. We are doing much more than hoping—we are conducting a nationwide two-month protest of Pullman's work and the film. To that end, we have prepared a booklet, 'The Golden Compass : Agenda Unmasked,' that tears the mask off the movie.
"It is not our position that the movie will strike Christian parents as troubling. Then why the protest? Even though the film is based on the least offensive of the three books, and even though it is clear that the producers are watering down the most despicable elements—so as to make money and not anger Christians—the fact remains that the movie is bait for the books. To be specific, if unsuspecting Christian parents take their children to see the movie, they may very well find it engaging and then buy Pullman's books for Christmas. That's the problem.
"We are fighting a deceitful stealth campaign on the part of the film's producers. Our goal is to educate Christians so that they know exactly what the film's pernicious agenda really is."
Together we can stand against this attack from Satan to destroy children.
Gay Wall
Children's Director
Georgia Ministry and Resource Center


Chicki Brown said...

I'm so glad you posted this here. The more we get the word out about this thing the better.

It's 8:15, and I just got Darius to bed. I'm trying to get upstairs to watch the rest of Ugly Betty.

Whew! I'm tired...

Chelle Sandell said...

I only caught the end of it. I was trying to Cayd out of the shower. Our schedule is messed up right now with daddy home.

I was surprised at our Pre-K Fall party when some of the mother's started talking about what you had sent me. Even the teacher said she'd gotten an email. It's really getting around because my FIL's girlfriend sent me the Snopes article, she's a DHS caseworker.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Yes, I received e-mails about this, too.
It's scary because they're doing a good job making it look like a "Narnia" type movie.