Monday, November 12, 2007

What Makes a Hero?

What or who do you think of when you think of a hero?

I could be sappy and husband. He's not military, but he's working smack in the middle of a war zone. Why? So his family can have a better future. Not necessarily better in material things because the money is so good, but better...easier. One of the only things we've fought about in our money and how to pay bills at the end of a pay groceries when you're bank account is almost at a zero balance. How to put gas in the truck just to get to work. Do you know there are people having to pawn televisions and wedding rings to put gas in their cars...while the oil companies post record, billion dollar profits? So many families are just one paycheck from being homeless. So, for my husband to want to be away from his family, friends and home and work in a war torn country...he's my hero.

As writers alot of us are constantly seeking tips and ideas to make us better writers. This morning as I opened my internet browser an article caught my eye...check it out. It's an interesting story.

AP Story...What Makes a Hero?


Chicki Brown said...

That was an interesting article, and so true. The heroic man is the one that is loyal and faithful. He's the one who does extraordinary things -- like Kris.

If you want to read about my hero, go to my web site and read the first story, "Little Big Man" under "Excerpts from My Writing."

Jennifer Shirk said...

Good article!

I always think a hero is someone who stands up to do the right thing, no matter how scared he is on the inside. It could be in war, but it could also be in everyday life.

PatriciaW said...

A hero is faithful and consistent and honest, even when it doesn't make him look so good. He makes the right choice even when it's not the easy choice and even when no one will know.

Chelle Sandell said...

Chicki~I LOVE the story about your almost makes me sad thinking how much I missed. Thank God both of my children have great men to look up to. I may not like my ex but he's a good dad and there when I need him to be. true. I think thats what I love about the article...the part where the guys, not a hero. They weren't afraid to admit being scared.

Patricia...I love hearing everyone's idea on what they feel makes a hero...a man with honor and integrity.