Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why wait?

Some of my crit partners were recently talking about being unhappy with their weight, right here before the holidays when we all seem to gain. So we decided...why wait until the new year to start dieting? I'll let you know if I can stick with it this time...Hubby comes home in April and I'd love to surprise him.

I've always heard that a support system helps. It's all about the encouragement, support and...accountability. So why not? It's helped me with my writing. Of course I'd love to go to the extreme and lose a bunch really fast, but I want to keep it off this time. It needs to be a lifestyle change. I don't really eat bad all the time...but I had gained so much weight for various reasons...heart problems and pregnancy...that even when I eat well it's not making a difference. I think if I can be better with my food choices AND exercise regularly, maybe it'll work this time.


Chicki said...

I'm glad we decided to do this before the holidays, so we don't sabotage ourselves during the festivities. We all need to think long term and not quick fix, so learning how to attend parties and holiday dinners is a part of the program.

Just think about the look on Kris' face when he sees you next time -- that should keep you motivated!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Good luck, Chelle! You can do it!!

Patricia W. said...

And do it we shall! We'll be in a much better frame of mind come January, enabling us to focus on our writing, to submit, submit, submit!, and we'll celebrate this time next year over our acceptances!

Chelle Sandell said...

Chicki~ Me too! It's the hardest part of the year for me because I love to bake Christmas goodies.

Jennifer~ Thanks sweetie! I've got to do something. I hate feeling like a slug.

Patricia~ I'm working on the lack of motivation but I've already started thinking about contests for next year.