Saturday, December 08, 2007

A-Ha! Ohhh...that's what that means!

I love it when I have one of those moments when something just clicks. As a fairly new writer, muddling around toward my ultimate be a published author...I've had quite a few of those *aha* moments, or at least what I consider a few nano-seconds of clarity.

Several authors and friends have referred me to Debra Dixon's non-fiction book for writers ~ Goal, Motivation and Conflict. I keep putting off buying it because...well, I'm cheap and would rather spend the money on say...electricity or food. But as I was working on rewriting my synopsis this weekend, I decided to research GMC to see what articles I could find. Most of what I found referred back to Debra Dixon's book. So I think I've found a good mother asked me just this morning what I wanted for Christmas. I usually have no clue as to what I want or need. But this evening I had another *aha* thought ... wow ~ 2 in one day ...and made her a list of writing manuals including GMC.

But what I wanted to share with you guys was an article I found by Susan Vaughan about conflict. She went a little further than what I had previously found online. She defines conflict, or something that I found helpful...what conflict "is not".


Jennifer Shirk said...

Deb Dixon's book is a keeper. (But only order it through her website, otherwise it's $$$$$)

PatriciaW said...

Chelle, I"m starting to think you and I are sisters from different mothers.

I too have been pointed toward Ms. Dixon's book many times. And I too prefer food and lights. (That doesn't make us cheap. It makes us sensible.) Thanks for jogging my memory so I can put it on my Christmas list too!

Chelle Sandell said...

I'll do that Jennifer. I thought it would be the same if we bought it local. Thanks for the tip.

Patricia ~ We must be!! ;) We have sooo much in common. I'm working on charts and outlines this weekend. I've done the pantster thing but now I want to try an organized approach to see if it makes a difference.