Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Boy howdy! I've been a little busy...eHarlequin has been getting ready to roll-out the new boards and they had some of us doing a little tire-kicking to check for glitches in the system. So, the new hub went online and I sat patiently waiting...finally I had to go pick up kiddos and thought I'd missed it. I checked online and *voila* it was there...I sent a post to my favorite SuperRomance board and before long realized my signature line had changed. It said January Member of the Month! How cool is that! My picture is on the community hub front page. Ugh!!!

Which brings me to another reason I'm busier than normal ~ I joined a gym. I knew that I would make myself go if I was paying for it. I'm such a tightwad and really hate spending money on myself...this forces me to make it work. And yes, I've gone two days in a row. I signed up Tuesday...exercised and actually "wanted" to go back today. It's quiet when I go and only a handful of people were in intimidating barbie dolls! I'm a little sore but not bad. Already down a pound but I think it's because I haven't had a Coke in a couple of days. But...I signed a year contract. Even when I lose weight, I'm going to keep it off!


Jennifer Shirk said...

Congrats on being named Member of the Month and for joining a gym!

I'm back in a regular schedule of going to the gym, too.

Chicki Brown said...

Ooh, Kris is going to lose his mind when he sees you in April...

I can't do the gym thing. Really, really hate it. Well, maybe I could handle Curves, because it's only women and only thirty minutes.

On my way to check out the E-harlequin board.

Have a great weekend!

PatriciaW said...

Way to go, January Member of the Month!

Took me days to figure out which way was up over there but I'm catching on. Lot of nice new features but I'm not comfortable enough yet to say whether I like it better. What's up with the Buddy list thing?

Way to go on the gym too! Paid for too many gym memberships over the years that I still didn't use so I won't make that mistake again.

Chelle Sandell said...

Thank you!!! I got pretty excited when I saw my signature line!!!

The buddy list is so you can see when your friends are online or as a direct link to their main page so you can see if they blog.

I'm such a tightwad that I've been forcing myself to go. I've already got more energy and feel a little better everyday.