Monday, February 04, 2008

*Rant Warning*

Be warned...I'm in one of my moods, girls! Super Tuesday is almost upon us. I believe strongly in voting because I believe my voice counts. If ya don't vote...don't bitch. I haven't made a decision yet...on candidate or party. I'm not ranting to piss anyone off - just want you to open your eyes and really KNOW who you're voting for. Regardless of who it is. Hopefully this election won't be a battle about race, gender and religion. One of the candidates has even brought age into it. Okay...that said.

I vote for the person, not the party. But - my beliefs run along Republican values. I believe in less government, less social programs and less taxes. If you don't work, you don't pay taxes - you shouldn't get a tax refund. I want our elderly, disabled and vets taken care of...don't get me wrong. But I was a single mom and worked my butt off working two jobs. I also went back to college as a single mom and racked up a crapload of debt...but I did it. I did it without welfare. My Mom was a single mom with two kids, no child support and she worked her butt off. Without welfare. We were broke. I remember eating alot of macaroni and cheese, bologna sandwiches and home-grown veggies. I don't use it to make anyone feel sorry for me...I know what it means to me. I DO NOT believe in socialized medicine, pork-barrel programs that silently get slipped into a bill as if being sold for a vote (or grants to see why spiders eat flies) or welfare. I've seen too many people living off the system while the gap spreads're either rich or poor. I've seen too many people on welfare while wearing designer clothes and eating a hell of alot better than my family. Too many people not getting married because it would cut off their they keep having babies. It's not a gender or race thing, it's a people thing. Too many are willing to cheat a system instead of working hard.

Everyone has a plan to fix the government. All I'm asking is to give everyone the same opportunities. Yeah, it sucks to work my/hubby's butt off and have the government quadruple tax us. It sucks that stupid, careless people can sue because they spilled hot coffee on their lap. I know a guy, union labor, working for a big plant here in OK. He has been off work for 3 YEARS because he hurt his knee playing softball. He's still playing softball, he's still getting a full paycheck. It's a morality thing.

We're taxed when we make our money, and when we spend it. I think if you're taxed when you make the money, you shouldn't be penalized because you sacrifice and invest it. We're taxed on anything we sell...even though we were taxed on the income, taxed when we bought it...we're taxed if we try to get a dollar back at a stupid garage sale. We're even taxed on the toilet paper we wipe our butts with. Sorry. But one of the politicians said that if we work, we shouldn't be poor. I applaud that vision...but then they went on to say they would support all types of social programs. Uh...where are ya gonna get the money for those programs? It's a no brainer that the whole system needs an emergency make-over.

I think if a company is making record, billion dollar profits...they shouldn't be able to raise the cost of a product because of supply and demand, or get huge tax breaks. People are having to sell wedding rings and window air-conditioning units so they can drive to work. I don't think we should have to pay someone to do our taxes because it's too hard and confusing to read the directions...and a simple tax return with three write-offs takes 20 pages of forms. My hubby is working in a foreign country...and still has to stay out of the country 330 days before it's considered foreign income. He can't come home on one of his R&R's because we'd have to pay taxes on his foreign income. And because it's foreign income...we can't qualify for any tax write-offs but yet anything over $85K is taxable. His income isn't tax-free, we are paying social security and everything besides federal. But someone can sit on their butt, not work...and get free healthcare and a tax refund.

I'm sorry to be so crude. I'm sorry to ramble. But...I've been watching too many politicians lately and it really pisses me off when they "accidentally" point out what the opponent is saying wrong. Who cares...I don't care what you think you're going to do when you're in office...tell me how in the hell you're going to fix it. Don't just talk to the crowd and say something you think a crowd wants to hear. It's very difficult to believe any politician during an election year. I don't care what star power is behind you. I don't vote race or gender. I vote proven experience. I think if you run with dogs and reap the benefits, you share the same fleas. I want this war over as much as anyone else...but don't tell me you're going to pull the troops out on your first day of office. It isn't physically possible. If our troops pulled out today, it would be mass genocide for the people left behind. Talk to the military. We have, personally. They believe in what they're doing. Of course everyone wants them safe and to come home alive, but they joined the military for a reason. Don't join just for the school money if you don't believe in war. I don't agree with how we got there. But I'm sorry...Bush did not single-handedly send the troops. Did you know that an illegal immigrant can find work, get a credit card, bank account, mortgage and driver's license? Legally. Do you realize they get free health care and education? Your tax dollars pay for it. How hard do you, did you, or does your spouse work for that money?

I agree our country is in trouble. But tell me HOW you're going to fix it...not what you think you're going to do. Too vague and easy. I can't vote for someone just because they have star power behind them...when you tell one crowd something and speak to another...and change the speech to fit the crowd - I'm not stupid or deaf.

I believe in our freedom. Freedom to decide...your opinion counts, just as much as mine does. That freedom wasn't free. We fought for it. Please don't take it lightly. Really look at your candidate. Look at their history. Not charisma, not - who likes you. It matters. Your vote matters. Open your eyes and your mind. Just because a politician can speak the loudest and weave the words we "want" to hear...doesn't mean they can do the job. And yes, religion does matter to me. I can't vote for someone that doesn't believe in the very foundation and bible this country was founded on. Who am I going to vote for tomorrow? I'm not sure.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I've got it narrowed down to two. Still not sure. It's strange. I've never been like this. Usually I know right away.

Patricia W. said...

The important thing is for everyone to vote. We have the closest thing we've ever had to a national primary, which is what I would like to see. One primary day, all across the country just like the general election, to narrow it down to two candidates in each party. Then, a second national primary day, months later, to allow the victor to gain the nomination after campaigning and giving people a chance to focus on the issues. Last, the general election. How hard would this be?

We differ on some issues but we agree that we have a broken system that needs fixing, one in which the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and those in the middle simply get squeezed.

Chelle Sandell said...

Patricia ~ I completely agree about voting. And I didn't want to offend anyone. But I do want people to open their eyes and vote for someone who will say what they mean and do what they say. If people don't vote...they don't have the right to complain.

What upset me was a family member who has said she can't choose between Clinton and Obama. She wants to vote for Clinton because she's a woman...but Obama because Oprah's backing him. ARGGGGG!!! When I asked her if she'd researched their platforms and goals...she repeated basic campaign promises. She didn't know anything about their voting history or background. I can't vote for Clinton because she is in the top of politicians receiving money from insurance and healthcare but yet says she will fix healthcare?! For who? I was leaning toward Obama until I started researching his voting history and the fact that he is mixed up with a corrupt lobbyist...his only explanation was that he made a bonehead mistake and accepted favors from someone he knew was being investigated. Then I've seen alot of campaign speech footage where he is talking to the crowd...aka he changed his stance depending on who he was speaking to. They brought that up on the Today Show and showed him the footage and he denied doing it...after they showed him doing it.

This is an incredible event in history when we have the opportunity to have the first female or African American president. But I can't persoanlly vote for them if I don't agree with their politics. Yes, the whole government needs an overhaul. But I want less government and taxes. Social programs are paid for by the middle class. The money has to come from somewhere. I'm getting tired of my family working our butts off for people who refuse to help themselves. Welfare and medicaid should be a hand-up...not a way of life. If you can't support your children...stop having them. I would love to have more children. I would love to be a foster parent...but we can't afford it.

I don't want someone who can speak well, who is charismatic and has star power behind them because they "want" change. We all want change. But just because you say you will do it...doesn't mean you know how.

But...the beautiful thing...we each have the right to vote for who we believe in. I just want people to be informed and not mislead by campaign promises and/or historic opportunity.