Monday, April 21, 2008

Checking in...

Hey, guys! I realized I hadn't posted in several weeks and thought I would check in with everyone. I miss blog hopping but I've been struggling with a chapter in the new manuscript. I thought what I needed was a road trip, actually I need to sit my butt down and just write. Without thinking or my typical over-analyzing. Several of the authors on the eHarlequin SuperRomance thread were talking recently about their struggles and it made me feel better. Their main focus is getting through the first draft. I guess what helped the most is the fact they talked about how rough the first draft always is. It seems to me that the editing is easier because you have a foundation to work from.

Hubby leaves for base again on Thursday and I know I'll need to purge some emotions. I've saved an emotional scene to work on for the end of the week so I can work out some of my tears and fears as hubby travels through Baghdad. That is always the hardest part of the trip...waiting for the call that he's back on base. As safe as he can be in a war zone.

We've talked about writing as you use this method?


Chicki said...

My process is just the opposite. Writing the first draft is pretty easy for me, but doing those revisions make me CRAZY!

Neither can I write when I'm upset. Usually I just read until my emotions calm down.

Glad you had some time with DH, and I'll be praying for his safety as he returns.

Luv ya, girl.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I'm terrible with a first draft. It's like a slow drip bleed for me. LOL!
But once I have the "something" down then I LOVE editing.

I like what Nora Roberts says: "You can't edit a blank page." Good luck! If you need another pair of eyes to look at it, e-mail me.

Chelle Sandell said...

Chicki ~ I love to hear what other writers go through and think the writing process itself is so interesting. I think when our brain is semi-relaxed that we can work through scenes or come up with something pretty easily. I know I can be washing dishes or driving and something will pop in my brain. LOL! Thanks for being here for me. Kris left yesterday and I guess it's time to bury myself in work. ~Luv ya!~

Thanks, Jennifer!! Glad to see your back from Boston. I'll run by your blog to see how it went. Now that hubby has gone back to's time for me to get something done. I'll let ya know when I finish that chapter.