Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Recently a friend turned me on to reading Silhouette Desires. I'd never bothered to pick them up because I thought they were all based on exotic locations. I love the Cinderella stories but never really bought. Big surprise - I like them more than I thought. Never assume anything. eHarlequin has begun a new section where they offer podcasts...interviews with editors and authors. So...I decided to research a little about writing for Desires and I'm getting really excited about the line.

The podcast with the editors was very informative as to what they want from new authors. They are looking for westerns...and I live where??? Oklahoma. I grew up on the Texas border. I'm married to my own personal cowboy hero. I used to LOVE watching Dallas. I think I can do this. I thought my mom would be upset because she doesn't really read the racier novels, but she borrowed some of my books and has said I should go for it.

We've been talking about conflict lately and I happened to come across a great article on one of the Desire author's website, Bronwyn Jameson. See what ya think...I found it to be really helpful.



Chicki Brown said...

Thanks for this. I really need help with conflict in my stories. I printed it and will read it tonight.

Chelle Sandell said...

I love her articles. They've helped me in certain areas I was struggling with. Hope it helps!