Monday, August 18, 2008


Almost a month since I last blogged? Dagnabit. No excuse...well, maybe a few. Life. Kids going back to school. Hubby coming home. For good. His company was taken over and he lost his job. He'll have a week to adjust and we have to take a road trip so he can interview for another. He'll have to travel, but at least it'll be within the same country.

Excuses? A few. That's life. My writing has taken a back burner to the chaos. But tonight I took a drive. It always seems to clear my head...ya know, kinda like when we take babies for a ride to rock them to sleep? Well, I love to listen to my music and drive. Helps me think.

Jason Aldean. Up very loud. He's one of my favorite country artists. My ex used to make fun of country music, and the misery he thought it stood for. But Mr. Aldean sings about life. I had to move our truck around to the front of the building, and when I turned on the ignition...Jason sang to me. The truck just kept going. I thought maybe I'd take a ride around the block. But the muted lights from the dashboard had a calming effect, with the words from the music turning in my head, and I kept driving. I really listened to the lyrics. It was coming from a man...I could hear my hero talking to me. Telling me why, telling me what to say. Before I knew it--I passed a sign welcoming me to the next town. I had driven 25 miles without realizing where I'd gone.

I'm having an issue with my first chapter, and trying to begin in just the right spot has got me frustrated. I had a critique partner tell me she didn't like my hero. Well...that's ok. He has to have room to grow. But then I thought about what she said and reread the chapter. I began the chapter in the heroine's spunky POV. I think what it needs though, is to begin with the hero. So hopefully tonight I can translate my thoughts and my heroes perspective.


Chicki said...

Thank God Kris is coming home! He won't have any trouble finding another job with his experience.

I love to drive and listen to music when I'm upset. It keeps me from killing people ...

Can't wait to read your new first chapter.

Chelle Sandell said...

We're pretty excited about him coming home. We'll be ok if he gets the new job.

I hope you'll like the new chapter...hopefully it'll be stronger starting in the hero POV. The series is built around his family. I should've started it in his POV to begin with.

Bella said...

I listen to my ipod when I drove too, something dh doesn't understand. He keeps saying I won't hear the other cars...please. Anyway,good luck with your manuscript. I still can't bring myself to start on my next story...maybe I need to rewrite my old one, might get me in the mood.

Have a fab week.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I love to listen to music and drive too. It really does help to clear the mind. :)
Good luck on your chapter.

Chelle Sandell said...

Thanks, Bella! We've got a plug on the stereo in the new truck for the iPod. Just use a special cord to plug into the iPod earphone thing. So that teen tries to take over the music when I drive him to school...hubby takes over while he's home...and now my 5 yo has my old mp3 player and wants to listen to his Disney music. *sigh* No wonder I wanted to take a drive by myself and listen to MY music! LOL!

Thank you, Jennifer! Sometimes I have to take control of the music when we're in the car or I'll never hear my favorites unless I'm home working. It helps that the kiddos are in school!

Ellen said...

Chelle - the girls on "Make My Supers" thread were asking about you.

Chelle Sandell said...

Awww! Thanks, Ellen! I'll drop by the thread and check in.