Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dreaming Spring

*sigh* I am so ready for spring. The only thing I've hated about spending time with hubby on his jobsite is that I didn't have internet. Well...I'm not liking the northern mountains of Arkansas very much right now. We were slammed with an ice storm and lost power last Monday. The guys couldn't work all week. So not only could I not use the laptop for long without having to charge the battery in the truck, but I had hubby and little man needing to be entertained. And it was cold. Really cold.

We went ahead and slept in the cabin Monday and Tuesday night but ended up in the boss's travel trailer Wednesday night. We came home Thursday. Still no power. Lots of bonding time with family and friends. I used to believe I was born 100 years too late and could've been a pioneer. LOL. Yeah, ok. I'm spoiled. I want heat and air. I want tv, laptop and cooking appliances without having to chop wood.

It took two 4-wheel drive trucks to pull our truck up the hill. That was after the guys spent the morning clearing downed trees off of the road. Now it's time to go back. Hubby has to be back at work tomorrow morning. Waaaah! One positive note...I'm leaving little man home with grandma. I'll have a couple of days alone with hubby and tomorrow I can have all day to write. Maybe we'll luck out and the power is back on.

Hope you guys are keeping your writing goals and plugging right along. I started getting crits back on my chapter and realized it's crap. I was overthinking. LOL. That doesn't happen often. Back to work. Maybe I can fix it. That's what I'll focus on tonight and tomorrow. I need to work on the pacing and take out more backstory.

Hopefully it'll work out and I'll be a happy camper when I come home Tuesday. I'll miss hubby but my oldest needs some family time. Don't want him to turn out like the belligerent brat in my story.

Have a great week!!


Chicki said...

Your first chapter was NOT crap! What did the others say about it?

You've been unhappy with this story from the beginning. If you're that displeased, maybe it's time to put it aside and start something completely new.

Chelle Sandell said...

You're such a sweetie! Nobody said it was crap. I did. Ya know when you're having one of those days when you feel like everything you do is crap?! I went back and thought about what changes I could make and feel pretty confident now. Hugs!