Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Technology SUCKS!!

I know what I said yesterday. And I take it back. The stupid piece of crap charger worked great yesterday. This morning...not so much. The charger tip is loose and keeps losing connection so my battery kicks in. So does my power saver. I'm reading through my chapter, making sure my changes flow well, and every time I get going good--the screen fades. *sigh* $100.

My week has been going ok. Yours? My hubby's...not so much. His job is sucking about now because of the weather. They work outside and it's a little dangerous. And up high. Anytime there is precipitation or wind, they can't work. Which means no pay. So now he's talking with his old boss about going back to Iraq. Please send good vibes for the weather to even out and stay nice. I'm headed back to his job site to bring him home for the weekend. And for Valentine's Day.

Valentine Hourglass

See you guys in a couple of days!!


Patricia W. said...

Technology is fickle.

Take that "crap charger" back to the store, honey, and get a refund. You can probably find something else you can use, and maybe it will be cheaper!

Chicki said...

I'm with Patricia, and strongly believe in returning things! :)

I'm also praying that something else will come up for Kris and he won't go back to Iraq.

Debora said...

Good luck with your charger, I hate when things don't work right! Glad hubby will be home soon for you too!

Chelle Sandell said...

Thanks guys! If I set my laptop a certain way, the plug stays put. It has a warranty so I'll try it out a bit longer and see if it grows on me. I couldn't find any cords locally so I'd have to order them online and spend an additional $50 or more. :(

Jennifer Shirk said...

I hope the hubby doesn't have to go back.

My PC is driving me crazy too. I'm going to call some tech people today.

Anonymous said...

Thinking good things! :)