Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going home!

I could hardly sleep last night for some reason. Maybe I'm excited about going home today? That's a given. I may have to come back to Memphis in a couple of weeks to help hubby get the 5th wheel home, and that'll be for one night only. But I think I'm nervous about taking a class on cake decorating. It begins on the 17th and I received an email reminder last night. I actually got butterflies. Wow. I've been cooking, baking, and experimenting with food since I was 13 years old. Maybe it's because I'll have someone grading me this time. Eh...I face the crowd everytime I cook.

Thank you so much for your well wishes for my husband. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon because the swelling is getting alot worse. Since we're going home, he'll go see our family doc tomorrow.

Loglines. *sigh* I feel like doing a dramatic swoon at just hearing the stupid word. But I am sooo glad I am not alone in my angst. Man, give me a chance with a one page synopsis and I can kick some word booty. One or two sentences. Ouch. So what I worked on last night? I looked at the loglines for two of my favorite movies. Here's what I found.

Tombstone: Wyatt Earp tries to live a normal life with his family but is forced to fight outlaws, leading to the infamous showdown at the OK Corral.

Steel Magnolias: Story of female friends in a small town and the hardships and happiness they endure together.

Now, I can see the Tombstone logline working because you've got strong key words and historical facts. Wyatt Earp. Forced to fight. And the infamous showdown at the OK Corral. But when I look at Steel Magnolias...I'm thinking it probably wouldn't have pulled me in if I hadn't already seen the movie.

So I made a list of the elements in my Native American historical romance. It can also be considered a paranormal because of the dreamwalking. My goal today is to look at the list and start trying to put sentences together.


Lazy Writer said...

I agree about the Steel Magnolias logline. It would not have pulled me in. After I read your post yesterday, I started playing around with loglines, and I came up with a few, but they were terrible. I'm just going to keep at it.

Natalie Bahm said...

Yesterday one of my writer's group girls asked what "high concept" fiction is because many agents say they want to see only high concept fiction. We all did searches and determined that it was fiction that could be easily described and in a logline. Steel Magnolias is a fantastic movie but it's not "high concept." Tombstone is.

Chicki said...

You'll do great in the class. After all, you're a real foodie!

I printed out the workshop article yesterday, but I haven't started working on a log line for HOLLYWOOD SWINGING yet. It's more important right now for me to just finish the story.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jessica said...

Eeek! I forgot about loglines. Thanks for reminding me.
So cool that you're taking a cake decorating class! Wow, I hope you have fun. :-)

Diane said...

I hope you get some fun tips from the cake class. Sounds like your creative juices will be flowing. :O)