Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Digging in...

So far so good. I actually got something accomplished last night and will upload my book theme, logline, and premise today to the bootcamp group. I really suck at the short stuff though. I'm so wordy and have been struggling with the heroes side of the premise. This story came to me after I'd done some searching through my ancestry documents and family records.

I meant to send out a plug for the lovely group running the bootcamp. They've got some great info and resources available for writers. Check it out...

Rose Colored Glasses ~ Writer's Resources

Okay...want to see how bad my attempt was at my first assignment? Here goes nothing.

Logline: A forbidden dreamwalker will risk her father’s reputation, and her own life, in order to save the man in her dreams, even if he refuses to let go of the past and trust her.

I'm off to work on my next assignment...character roles. Easy peasy.


Tamika: said...

Great logline! And thanks for including the link. A writing bootcamp sounds interesting and exciting.

Susan R. Mills said...

I like it. Good job. Now, will you write one for my book. :)

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Loglines are so hard for me. I'm envious at how good yours is. Way to go. :)
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Chelle Sandell said...

Tamika ~ Thanks! I'm liking the bootcamp so far. It's really making me think. Ouch. ;)

Susan ~ LOL. This one took me awhile and many versions before I trusted myself enough to post to the group. Instructor said it worked for her...but didn't say it was good. LOL. Wouldn't want you to risk your pitch because of me!!

Karen ~ I've done several logline pitches at eHarlequin and only won 1 out of 4. But thanks!!!That made my day. :D