Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How do you do it?!

Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh! My 7 yo is working on my last nerve. He's going through a phase that I assure you, may be the death of me. *deep breath* I feel like these last couple of weeks, he's been testing my patience. We've been so busy around here getting ready for spring and summer, and little man just seems determined to whine and argue about everything. I'm truly blessed though because my mom came over tonight and helped us put up the pool. Afterwards she helped me prepare dinner, and even washed dishes while I ate and put little man in the shower.

I have to admit that I recently became a little envious of friends talking about planting gardens. So I shared with hubby and he tilled up a spot for me and we've been planting all kinds of stuff. I noticed tonight that I'm already getting blooms on my roma and grape tomato plants. My red and sweet white onions are growing strong, and well...pretty much everything seems to be living. Which is a good thing for me since hubby hasn't been able to help much. I think I may have lost 2 lettuce plants, and I didn't get the potatoes in on time. I'll try to get them dug tomorrow just in case one of them survives. My mom told me to plant some garlic cloves and I almost didn't, but I have three shoots that have popped up. Too cool. My herbs are ready to start harvesting so I'll have to find some yummy recipes to share and use my fresh herbs. We started buying our canning supplies and I'm soooo looking forward to fresh pico, salsa, and spaghetti sauce.

And he is asleep!! YES!! Okay guys, I'm off to get some writing time in before I crash for the night. How do you do it? Anyone else struggling with life interrupting your writing?


Miss Popular said...

You must be feeling a little better if you've started working on Sandell Farm. :)

We had a huge garden back in the day when we lived in New Jersey. I still have pictures somewhere of hubby out there working looking like Old McDonald ...

Enjoy yourself!

Chicki said...

Chelle, my granddaughter was still logged into my computer. That last comment was from me.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Good luck with the garden! I really want one.
Life does have a way of sneaking in and interupting writing. When that happens, I don't try to write everyday, but set of goal of setting aside one day a week where I'll spend an evening or morning writing. I figure one day for me isn't that much to ask for. LOL!

Chelle Sandell said...

Chicki ~ I haven't really had to do anything yet. Kris set me up a chair beside the garden so I could point out where I wanted everything. That man is gold! I am feeling well enough to take care of the household chores as long as I take it slow. I just do a little at a time. I'm pretty nauseated today and we can't get the swelling to go down in my hands. But Kris met my doc and thinks he's a pretty boy working off his looks. He's wanting me to switch docs. I'm thinking about it. I just hate to start over with someone else.

Jennifer ~ I couldn't stand it. LOL. We have so much space out here and I kept looking at this one spot. Kris LOVES my salsa so I'm growing alot of jalapenos and peppers. My cilantro is doing great and I'll get to cut some today!

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh! I have a 7-year-old, too, and lately there's been a lot of whining. I'm not sure--maybe it's the weather :)

I am excited to work on my garden, too. I'm just going to do flowers but I get a bigger space this year and I am going to branch out with something new.

Everyday life definitely dances all around my writing time, sometimes accommodating it and many times interrupting it. I used to have plenty of writing time during the day but now I usually put it off until the kids go to bed.

Chelle Sandell said...

LOL, Cindy. I've heard the same thing from a friend of mine. I made little man take a nap a couple of days in a row just so I could rest. I was worried he wouldn't sleep that night...no problem. Maybe it is the weather and they're playing outside more and just tired? I'm all for him going back to taking naps again. ;)

I'd LOVE to have a garden of flowers so I'd have plenty of fresh flowers for the house. That's an awesome idea! We planted pink and red azaela's across the front of the house, and they're already blooming.

prashant said...

I used to have plenty of writing time during the day but now I usually put it off until the kids go to bed.
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