Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Have You Seen Her?

Some of us have talked recently about the opportunity to self-publish our books through Kindle and other e-reader services. I backed off because of the technical aspects involved. But one of my crit partners has taken the leap and pushed through the evil world of technology and...

I am excited to post the announcement for my crit partner's new Amazon Kindle release!

Have You Seen Her?
Chicki Brown, author

If she’d stayed any longer, her husband would have killed her.

Frantic to escape his drug-induced brutality, socialite Marcia Hadley escapes Santa Barbara and flees to Atlantic City. She’s sold everything she owns, rents a seedy inner city apartment and attempts to disappear as Dani Reynolds, cocktail waitress at Frenzy, a neighborhood nightclub.

Taylor Villanova, the club’s sexy multi-racial bouncer recognizes her naiveté and volunteers to teach her about surviving in the “hood.” Fearful and suspicious of men, Dani is at first repelled by his violent profession yet drawn to the compassionate nature that contradicts Taylor’s macho persona. But when her well-laid plans go awry, and Dani discovers someone is following her, she must put her complete trust in Taylor. Her time is running out.

Buy now at Amazon! Have You Seen Her?

Don't have a Kindle? You can download apps for free at Amazon! Here's the link I used for my PC and I LOVE it! Get yours here.


Chicki said...

Thank you, Chelle! I'm glad you added your personal testimony about the Kindle app for PC.

I've received so many questions, tomorrow I'll be blogging about the process of publishing directly to Kindle.

R.M.Gilbert said...

Best of luck Chicki. And wonderful to see your book out there.

Chelle Sandell said...

You're an awesome writer, Chicki, and I love having the opportunity to get your new book out there.

Thank you, Rach! I appreciate you stopping by!