Monday, July 19, 2010

Doubt demons be gone!!!

It's just too easy to be our own worst enemy. I finally finished revising my chapter and sent it off to my crit partners. And cringed the minute I hit the send button. I've received two crits back and hesitated to open it both times. Most of the chapter has been revised multiple times, but the new beginning was a struggle for me and I was expecting the worst. I even caught myself holding my breath as I scrolled down looking for comments. So far, so good. I'm actually excited about working on the next chapter today. Woohoo!!

Keeping it short and sweet. Little man is still asleep and I'm hoping to get the next chapter revised and sent off today. I've got to get this request sent out as soon as possible.
Hope you guys have a productive day!!


Sherrinda said...

I hate those doubt demons. I am constantly fighting them off! lol

Happy writing!

Bella said...

I feel the same way with each chapter I post for critique.

PatriciaW said...

I know what you mean, but keep plugging away!

Chicki said...

You see, there was nothing to fear. You're a great writer, Chelle. Keep at it, and don't let doubt or discouragement get in your way.

Natalie said...

I still feel sick when I send my work to anyone (family, friends, agent, ANYONE.) It's hard to silence that negative voice!

Vanessa said...

You've got a blog award! STop by and pick it up!!!

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