Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year! Now get to work!

Resolutions. Do you make them? Do you stick to them? Do you have any goals that you'd like to reach this year?

In past years I've gotten frustrated with myself when I fail early with the resolutions. So I began setting goals. I'm not even sure that has worked. I know I'm progressing, but I remain in the unpublished category. I could self-publish although I don't think I'm up to the standard of books I enjoy reading.

My goals this year? Try harder. And really push myself to be better.

Where am I at? My family is healthy and happy. My health has improved which is a HUGE plus compared to where I was last year. Doc still insists I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and hopefully the Remicade infusions will start within the next couple of weeks and help with the inflammation and pain. I have two requests for books with two lines at Harlequin and working with one of the editors on developing my four book series. I also have two novellas I'm working on for two different e-pubs. The cupcake business has slowed down after the holiday madness, and I almost hate to admit that I'm glad. That's hard work to do by myself with a regular oven. We have a commercial grade double oven that can handle the load...but getting my brother over here to hook it up is another story. And the restaurant is still an option we are putting together.

Where do I want to be? Published. And I love the idea of having the restaurant up and running successfully. Can I do it? Sure I can. I know I can. But MAKING it happen is another story. It'll take motivation and persistence. And that's where I fall short. I read a wonderful motivational post today by Kristen Lamb, Warrior Writer blog. I always know I can get a kick start when reading her blog. She definitely gave me the much needed inspiration I was looking for to kick 2011 off on a positive note. I think one of the aspects was her perspective on remaining positive. But I also realized my failure is the lack of focus. I've allowed myself to become overwhelmed with what's on my plate instead of celebrating the positive. I've become lazy and play on the social media playground. And I've become a Master Procrastinator. Imagine that.
My goal? Celebrate the positive and focus on my projects, even if it's stepping back and taking one at a time. I need to sit down and organize my priorities and become better at time management. My goal is to just do it!
What are your goals for 2011?


Diane said...

Happy New Year to you and yours. I pray all of your goals and dreams get accomplished this year! :O)

Chelle Sandell said...

Thank you, Diane! Same to you, sweet friend!!

PatriciaW said...

Happy new year! Congrats on all the writing work you've got underway. Sounds like I'll be seeing your name on a Harlequin cover sooner rather than later.

Glad you're feeling better too. Best wishes in 2011.

Erin said...

Glad your health is better, Chelle. Good luck with the pubbing, and congrats on the ms requests!

Chelle Sandell said...

Hey, Ms. Pat!! Thank you, ma'm! Blessings to you for a wonderful and productive 2011.

Thanks, Erin!! Here's hoping 2011 is great to all of us!!