Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally Friday!!

Woohoo!!  Are you proud of me?!  I've blogged twice in one week.  I actually tried to blog on Wednesday and had an emergency call from little man.  They took school pictures and I'd forgotten to put the order form and check in his backpack.  So I made a mad dash to brush my hair and change out of my pink flannel jammies.  He probably would've appreciated it more if I'd taken the tiara out of my hair.  Just kidding.  I did brush my teeth though.

Fall?  You say it's fall in Oklahoma?  Really?!  *sigh*  It's still hitting the mid to high 80's here during the day.  And because of the severe drought, I doubt the trees will come back to life to turn spectacular colors to signal that my favorite time of year has arrived.  Oh well.  Little man and I decorated pumpkins last week and I pulled out the fall scents for my warmers.  At least the house is telling me it's time.  I believe we're supposed to get a cold front next week that will drop the temps by 30 degrees.  Which also means my body will rebel a day or two in advance.  But it'll be well worth it.  I'm so ready for jeans and sweaters.  Of course I'll still have my flip-flops on.  Ha.

Another favorite for this time of year are the fall recipes coming out of the drawer.  Monday I'll post a recipe my aunt gave me years ago for her chocolate pecan pie.  But for now...I'm off to work on my chapter and critiques for my girlies.  Hope you guys are having an awesome Friday!!  Be productive and get that word count!!



Anonymous said...

Chocolate pecan pie - yummy!! I'll have to watch for that. Normally don't like nuts of any sort, but pecan pie is a must at the holidays!

I love this time of year, just before it starts getting all dreary and cold. Wish it would hang with us for a little while longer, but it is October, and the seasons they are a changing.

Jennifer Shirk said...

It was in the mid sevenites all wekk and 80 last weekend here. But I'm feeling the cool weather today.
We need that pie recipe!!!

Jill Kemerer said...

Oh, fall recipes--yum! I'm making a huge pot of chili. I've already made apple pie. Love this time of year!

Diane said...

Missed you! Hope all is well your way.... happy weekend!!! :O)

Chelle Sandell said...

Tammy ~ Hey girl! My kiddos usually won't eat things with nuts, but I guess chocolate overrides anything. :D

Jennifer ~ I'm loving that our nights are dropping into the 50-60's. But Tuesday-ish is supposed to drop down into 40's and 60's during the days. YAY! I'll post the recipe here and at PC. ;)

Jill ~ We're huge chili eaters here. We made our first pot a couple of weeks ago to celebrate a cold front and much needed rain. I love breaking out my cool weather recipes!

Diane ~ *smooches* I hate it when I can't talk with you guys. Hopefully I can get back in a groove and hang out more. Enjoy your weekend!!

Unknown said...

I miss fall up north. :( But I have been eating pumpkin muffins and drinking apple cider so that counts.