Friday, March 30, 2012


This week went by extremely too fast.  And Little Man just had to point out his school folder showing he only had about seven weeks left until summer break.  ACK!!  Really?!  Weren't they discussing the possibility of year round classes?  LOL.  I love my kiddo but it's almost impossible to get anything done when he's home.

My Friday consists of a parent-teacher conference this morning.  I'm thinking I probably should've made her some sweets to soothe her feathers.  I'm almost skeered.  Maybe I should fall on my knees and beg for forgiveness as I walk in.  LOL.  Hopefully Little Man has been behaving himself and it won't be so bad.  A girl can dream can't she?!  And grocery shopping.  Ugh.  Of course I can't forget to go buy a few Mega Million lottery tickets.  That sucker is up to 540 million...dollars!!!  Woohooooo!!!  Hey, I could be that 1 out of 175 million that wins.  ;)

Any exciting plans for this weekend?  We have work to do around the house.  I need to get my cowboy to use the rototiller in the front flower beds so it'll be easier for me to pull up the weeds.  I'd like to get flowers planted this weekend so I can concentrate on preparing the garden.  We also bought six baby chicks last night so we'll need to set up their pen to keep predators out.  Our current foster girl has the kennel cough so I need to baby her a bit.  We're supposed to get her to the shelter this weekend to have her spade.  I'll have to see if they'll do the surgery with her being sick.  On Saturday we usually try to get together with friends to cook-out and play dominos.  Sunday...hopefully we can have everything done so we can rest before the chaos begins again on Monday.

Writing-wise?  I'm almost finished revising my chapter.  I need to pull up the editors comments from my final in the FAB contest so I can make sure I have the best chance possible before I sub it.  Hopefully I can squeeze in writing time today and a few crits while I'm at it.

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!!

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