Friday, October 05, 2012

Weekend warrior?

First of all...TGIF!!  I woke up freezing this morning. Brrr.  Our temps went from mid 80's at the beginning of the week to the 50's this weekend.  The morning news even mentioned the word snow in the northern part of the state.  *sigh*  Typical Oklahoma weather.  I wore shorts yesterday and will pull out my Ugg boots for this weekend.  Little Man was supposed to have a soccer game on Saturday but he won't be able to play for one more week because of his surgery.  We'll still have to go for team pictures though so I guess I'll venture out to the storage building for our winter clothes.  And we have a friend coming to visit for the weekend from Georgia so we'll get to bake/grill all kinds of tailgating goodies and overdose on some serious football game play.

I'm hoping to slip in some writing time even with a full weekend planned.  My short term goal is to get a synopsis rough draft finished so I can post it to my critique groups.  Hopefully the conflict will be strong enough and I can get the plot fleshed out and the character charts ready for NaNo.  As part of my long term goal to work more on my writing skills, I'm planning to begin a blog series on Wednesday of next week where I have guest writers, published and unpublished, talking about craft or their writing journey.  Maybe we can get a few to inspire us with their call stories and how perseverance paid off.

Have a relaxing, peaceful weekend!!



Jennifer Shirk said...

That picture is making me hungry! LOL
That sounds like a fun blog series!

Chelle Sandell said...

I know, right?! A friend brought me over several bunches of bananas because he knows I love to bake banana bread and muffins. It also means he gets a few goodies to take home. LOL.