Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writer's Wednesday

*sigh*  That title doesn't look right.  I am such a dork when it comes to grammar.  LOL.  But Wednesdays are going to be for my writer friends and anything writer related.  I didn't have time to message anyone about guest blogging...but feel free to contact me if you're a writer and interested in taking over the blog on an upcoming Wednesday.  My email is .  You can write about your journey, call story, struggles, craft...whatever you can think of that has affected you as a writer. week has been full (nothing new) with milestones and education, so absolutely nothing has been accomplished on my chapter.  Grrr.  My man/child has reached a major milestone and moved out on his own this week.  *sob*  I was a good mom though and waited until he left to lock myself in the bathroom and bawl.  Even better...I didn't call or text every five minutes to see if he was ok.  He did say that his first night was quiet and spooky.  Poor guy.  Not.  LOL.  But I do remember my first apartment and how I slept with the television on at night...for years.  :)  And my little man is starting to sound normal again after having his tonsils out.  He is also beginning to adjust to his online school schedule.


Jaime Wright said...

My man-child is 5 months old but I'm already dreading him moving out. *hug*! t

Chelle Sandell said...

Awwww. He's so itty-bitty. I miss my kiddos being that little again...well...maybe not. LOL. I LOVE to spoil the babies of our family and friends, and then send them home. ;)