Friday, January 12, 2007


When I went through school, I had several good friends that I have unfortunately lost contact with. We parted ways when family and long distance moves got in the way. I had recently thought about how lucky I was to have my hubby, my best-friend, but it made me think about my lack of female friends. My mom and cousin are about it when it comes to having a girlfriend I can call and chat with.

Lately though, with hubby leaving for Iraq, I have found great support and friendship through my critique partners. Not only do we share a common creative love of writing, we also share life. Our thoughts and fears about our abilities have bonded us. Despite our distance, several of our talented members live in various countries, we share our triumphs and disappointments.

I am blessed in so many ways and sometimes forget to give thanks to God. But it is so much easier to remember when I have friends as special as these ladies have become to me.

Wish you guys were here (in Oklahoma) today to share. We are expected to get up to 3" of ICE. When we get rain, honey, the highways become lethal. Us Okies aren't used to the wet precipitation, especially not in the freezin form! This picture is me trying to get down the driveway to the truck. Thank goodness we have a Suburban so it is long and heavy. We have to go pick up 13 yr old cause they are closing schools at 1 pm. In 2002 we had a storm similar to this and lost power for almost 2 weeks. Some lost it for a month. We are fortunate to have enough money to stock up on groceries and firewood. So we will build a fire and play games with boys.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Let's get everybody over at RAH and have a GROUP HUG!!

You're a sweetie!

Bella said...

Ice-aargh, that's scary. I live up the mountain in Utah and when it gets really cold, I cancel driving kids to school, unless dh is around to take them. I hate ice. Keeping you in our prayers with your dh leaving, Chelle


Chicki said...

You Okies sound like Atlantans. When there's ice, it's like a demolition derby down here! The funny thing is most of the people here originally come from somewhere else, but when they move to the ATL they forget how to drive in bad weather! So far we've escaped the ice storms. In fact, today it's supposed to be 63 degrees.

BTW, I agree with Jennifer -- group hug, ladies.

Chelle Sandell said...

I agree about the *hugs*! I'm getting mushy in my old age. Bella, we're lucky that it's pretty flat around here but like Chicki's like bumper cars around here. Bad thing is we've got at least 2" now and the worst part of the storm is still coming tonight and tomorrow! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, guys, I know he'll be in good hands. Erin's and Angela's brothers are in the military over there!!