Saturday, January 13, 2007

Group Hug

Okay girls in RAH...brace yourselves! Arms out and open wide...closer...closer and big bear *HUG*. I thought maybe the holidays had me all mushy, but now I'm thinking (yes, Jen ~ it's a dangerous action here, too! My boys run for the nearest tree to climb to escape the fallout) it's the place I am in my life. My home life is the normal roller coaster ride, but I am very blessed. I have dedicated and committed my brain to follow a dream I have wanted for a really long be a writer. Last year I was fortunate to find a creative, intelligent group of ladies who share the need for quality, constructive partners in our quest in publishing our hard work. We understand the sweat, tears and fears we each put into our writing.

My first attempt in a crit group was very destructive to my self-esteem when they made me feel, as a new writer, I didn't belong in their circle because several had been published. Then I was invited to try RAH and was welcomed immediately. Several members are published and others are so close, it's just a matter of time. They are honest without being hurtful or destructive with their critiques. They are intelligent and actually offer constructive advice without insisting they are all knowing or I am an idiot if I don't change my plot to fit their voice. Tash has envisioned a dream to expand our hospitality to others and let our group grow in 2007. So girls...let us go forth and widen our horizons so we can make Ms. Tasha proud!

(Uhmmm...Can I be excused until our ice skating rink has melted a little??? I promise to go all out online as long as my laptop has power.)

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Erin said...

*Hugs* back to you, Chelle.
And thanks.
Don't let anyone make you give up your dream. It took me twenty years.