Sunday, January 14, 2007

To do or not?

Have you ever had a story bustin' to get out and you knew where and how you wanted to get to the HEA? I'm at that point and got it kinda down in a semi-finished manuscript. There is a ton of editing to finish so it feels almost as if I am completely rewriting it (thanks NaNo). I am reading through a favorite blog of an author who writes for the line I am targeting...she happens to mention that Harlequin does not generally buy storylines with love triangles.


Now what? The triangle is part of the conflict but my heroine is not in love with the friend...she is in love with hero. The dialogue, internal and external, makes this clear by the 4th chapter when she realizes her friend has feelings for her. Do I continue editing/rewriting and submit, trying my luck? Or do I target another publisher? Or do I change direction and rework plot? Do I.....?


Keep on truckin' baby...this story is running all over me. I can't stop it. I guess I will try to submit and if rejected I can either rework or submit to another publisher...Oh well. I have so many other storylines ready to be put down on paper, maybe one of those will be the magic fairytale for Harlequin.


Bella said...

I say keep writing and editing. If Harlequin decides they don't like it, there're other publishers out there who might not mind.


Chicki Brown said...

After revising and editing two different manuscripts at the suggestion of two different publisher who made me do all that work and then didn't accept the story, I'd say just submit it to someone else. It's not worth all that aggravation with no guarantee.

Bunch of Stuff said...

I think you need to be true to your story. If it's good enough Harlequin will consider it.