Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Enough is enough!

Okay...we had our little blizzard and 4-5" of snow that shocked everyone last month..last weekend we got blasted with 3" of ice. Many residents in the Southeastern 1/3 of the state are still without power and we haven't had school ALL WEEK. (I hoo. At least I have heat and food.) Now the forecast is saying we are going to get 5-10" of snow Saturday...waaaaaaaa.

It wasn't supposed to come in until Saturday afternoon but we are under a Winter Weather Watch today...duhhh. Come on guys. We are in Oklahoma. I can understand an inch or two. Maybe even twice in one winter...but, man...

At least we have power and heat...and food.

So much for my diet.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Ugh!! I FEEL for you. My first winter when we lived in Boston, we had over 100 inches of snow.

I don't "do" snow. I don't do "cold" weather, in fact.

I was miserable during the winters there. But I gave the Landsend catalog a lot of business. (A whole lot of Polartec stuff.)

Keep warm!

Chicki Brown said...

The year before we moved to Atlanta (1993) we had seventeen snow storms! It hadn't snowed like that since I was a kid. It convinced us to move to a more user friendly climate. It's supposed to be cold here for the next couple of days (30-32 degrees), not 72 like it was on Monday, but as long as it's now snowing I can deal with it.

Write, stay warm, and stay away from the cookies!

Bella said...

Cheele, it sounds really bad there. The temps here have been really low and my kids have the sniffles, but nothing like you guys are experiencing. Are you doing any writing with the kids home?