Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back in Black

I feel almost as if I should be wearing my mourning dress. Things are starting to get back into some sort of schedule...but I seem a little lost. Hubby has been gone several days now and the boys are dealing. But it seems so strange trying to go on as if nothing has changed. It's not like he has left us permanently, or that I'm having to deal with custody arrangements. I've talked with him several times throughout the day while he is training but starting this weekend we may only be able to talk once a day if the phone lines are open.

I have tried to go back to my writing but my heart just isn't into it. I thought I'd be able to use the emotion but I guess my heart still hurts too much to use it yet. Friends and family have been so supportive and encouraging and I can't thank everyone enough!!! I'll make it...we'll make it. I'm almost there. Maybe I'll do better once I know he's on a base somewhere and safe. Not that they are ever safe in a war zone but at least he'll have our courageous military men/women watching his back. And hopefully something that he welds will protect their lives in return.

Okay...enough whining. The 4 yr old has decided he wants to give dogs a bath (he says they're stinky) so I need to catch a wet rat and mop the floor!

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Bunch of Stuff said...

Keep your chin up, Chelle. Someday when your ready you'll have a lot of heartache and sadness to use in your stories.
You're in my prayers.