Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clouds Clearing

Leave it to my buddies...nothing like a little pov debate to get the fog to lift. Talk about a mood lifter. Then, one of the girls gave me back a critique on the last chapter I had submitted which gave me a big boost of motivation. I actually sat down last night while watching American Idol (another Okie made it to the next round) and made changes to several chapters. Watch out I come!

Okay...watching the morning news before I get oldest up for school...they have come out with a beer for...dogs. Which I'm sure will make my hubby happy. He has to fight off one of our Boston Terrier pups when he is having a beer cause she is a drunk. We haven't been fortunate enough to find AA for doggies yet...


Jennifer Shirk said...

Beer for dogs? LOL

Chicki Brown said...

Glad to know you're back in action! Having crit partners is like a lifeline that can pull you out of the writing doldrums just when you need it.

BTW, I'e always thought beer is so disgusting and only fit for dogs to begin with!!

Chelle Sandell said...

LOL! Jen says she's a pov snob...well, my hubby is a beer snob. He's not much of a drinker now but is very particular about what he does drink.

BTW, Beer for dogs is non-alcoholic. Not that we'd spend the money anyways.

Bella said...

Itr is non-alcoholic? I was just about to phone my best friend who just happens to have a beer-loving mut.

Chelle, I won't be stopping by your blog for a while. I got my revision and they seem substantial. Anyway, keep writing. ciao!


Bunch of Stuff said...

I heard about that beer for dogs.
I wonder if cats will like it.
One of my cats loves licking the top of the beer can.
What a lush!
(Glad to see your writing again. Can't wait to read your next chapter.)