Thursday, February 15, 2007

Character or Plot?

On Monday, Allison Brennan posted an interesting read (Romancing the Blog) about her thoughts on how indepth character backgrounds show up in television. It was really interesting and made me think about how now some of the different shows work in this aspect. When I had more time and watched a variety of shows I could just spout off character info to my hubby if he needed to catch up. But some of the shows on television are more reality now than plot and character driven.

One show that instantly came to mind was Grey's Anatomy. I think they are pretty good about throwing in past history and family issues with each one of the characters to show reasons for their personality. Like Meredith Grey and her personal relationships with people and how her mother/father issues affect her.

Is that something you notice in any of the television you may watch?


Chicki said...

Fox's "Prison Break" has some of the best writing on television. It started out as a plot driven story - eight men plan an elaborate escape from a maximum security prison. Simple right? Not really. It didn't take them long to begin to delve into the minds and past history of each character, and believe me, these characters have some stories!

I've always hated movies about prison (with the exception of Shawshank that is), but this one hooked me from the beginning. What a great show!

Chelle Sandell said...

Shawshank can never be copied! That is an incredible movie. That reminds me to send a copy to hubby. He loves it. Maybe I can tape "Prison Break" for him and see if he likes it. Good one Chicki!