Friday, February 16, 2007

Weird...who me?

It seems as if the girls are on a roll...again. I've been tagged...again. Jennifer, you're a bad, bad girl. LOL. This time she tells me to list 6-10 things about myself that are weird. Me - weird? Right, ok, my friends could probably do a much better job at this. What's funny is I went to several of their websites (which are so much more prettier and professional looking compared to my rantings) and took a peek at their lists. I. am. not. weird. They are. LOL.

1. I insist on the toilet paper to hang UNDER!! If it is hanging over you have to hold it when you try to pull it off or it goes all over the floor. Eeeuuuuwwww yuck. Anyone that has boys (my entire household) knows that bathroom floors can never be truly clean. And unlike remain nameless (jen) I do not change it when I go to my neighbors/friends. Why in the world would I use the bathroom at my neighbors?
Scared 2

2. Which I guess could take me to another possible weird thing ~ I DO NOT use the bathroom in public places, unless of course I will embarrass myself (worse than usual) and leave a trail unless I HAVE to make it to the closest bathroom....


(Yes, I am a little bit anal)

3. Okay, that can be another one I guess. I've been stuck in the first 3 chapters editing my stupid WIP cause, okay - I'm anal. I have to be sitting in the same spot (on couch w/ lots of pillows) with my laptop in order to write.

4. I hate dirty clothes on my boys. Thats a hoot...dirty ~ boys? Hmmmm. Bathrooms ~ boys. EEeeeeuuuuwwww. Yes, I do a ton of laundry.

5. I absolutely, positively HATE (terrified) to drive across bridges. There is an old steel span over a river that I have to cross every morning when I take my oldest to school. Then there was this time when we were in Florida...I almost stopped traffic because I was driving so slow. Hubby probably could've taken the wheel and noone would've known because we were almost at a standstill. LOL. Bless his heart. He is so patient.

6. WooHoo. I'm on a roll now, baby! I cannot wear socks or long pants to bed. I've tried. Been really cold. Can't do it.

7. I hate for dogs to lick me. Feels weird. No reason for it. I know they love me. They tell me so.


I think I will stop there because I'm feeling the need for a little therapy. But who to tag? Jennifer used everyone I know darn it. Bella! Don't want to leave you out darlin'.

Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy? The writer's are just plain evil! They can't kill off Meredith. Meredith Grey...Grey's Anatomy? I found the writer's blog. How cool.
Check it out...Grey Matter.

Have a great weekend.


Angela Jefferson said...

Chelle,You are hilarious! The public bathroom thing and the toilet paper thing are my two "weirds" too!

Chelle Sandell said...

Sometimes I'm afraid to open my mouth cause my weirdness. LOL. I am so freaked by public bathrooms!! And I live in a house full of guys...yuck. No matter how hard they try there is still the splash effect.

Jennifer Shirk said...


You ARE weird.

Public bathrooms is a good one! You've got cleanliness "issues".

Chelle Sandell said...

HA! Backatcha girlie! LOL

You don't know "issues" until you've slid off a toilet seat...or into one. Accckkkk.

Are you saying your hubby's trained???

Anonymous said...

Hubby's trained? Chelle, you're a hoot. Mine DH thinks I'm the one who needs to put the seat back up where I found it. I close it b'cause the dang cat likes to drink from it...and we girls outnumber the boys in the house, can't beat that.

Did you tag me, too, woman??


Chelle Sandell said...

Why...yes, yes I did! Bwaahahaha *evil grin*

You know I've heard of people training their cats to use the toilet. And you guys think I'm weird.