Friday, February 09, 2007

My best friend

I had a little jolt today. As a country girl, I am an adoring, long-time fan of musician Tim McGraw. Was before he married Faith Hill. But as the years have gone by I have watched him grow, not just as a man and an artist, but as a loving and caring husband/father.

When I met my husband, I thought to myself...hmmm with a mustache/gotee he would look like Tim McGraw. He grew one, just for me. Over the years of our marriage I have watched him grow as well. He is so loving, faithful and a wonderful father/husband. I prayed for years to meet someone who loved unconditionally. Not only does he, but completely. I absolutely thank God for such blessings he's given us. No matter how broke we've been, or major difficulties we've been through, we always had each other to get us through our problems. He had to shave before he left. But there will definitely be enough time to grow his mustache back. His black hat and boots are sitting by the door, waiting with me.

Before he left we saw Tim McGraw's latest movie "Flicka" and I commented about how I liked to watch my husband while he is riding horses and thought he should've been in the movie as a stand-in for Mr. McGraw. Well, the movie came out on DVD and I watched it tonight. And I cried...and cried...and boo-hoo'd. Had to quit cause my little one came in the room and got upset cause mommy was hurt. I have my good moments...and bad. Since I only got to talk with him for 20 minutes this morning...this was a bad moment. But I'm glad I've got the boys so I HAVE to be strong. I think about him...and all our guys/girls...over there away from everyone and everything they love. At least I'm safe in our environment with all of our familiar settings/routines. But he sounds happy and safe. He'll be home soon.

They just played the Superbowl commercial...the Chevy one where the girls are at a stoplight and all these guys start stripping and dancing...washing the Chevy...cause "guys can't keep their hands off a Chevy". Blew a little snot-bubble laugh on that one. At least I smiled.

In the meantime, the family has been sick with various crud going around. I jinxed us when I mentioned how lucky we've been this year. Several of my crit partners have been down with the yucks as well...hope you all feel much better and soon!!! Spring is right around the corner. What's your weather like?


Chicki said...

Your husband sounds like a wonderful guy. I know you'll make up for lost time when he gets home!

Erin said...

Sounds like you found a wonderful man. Keep the faith. He'll be home before you know it.