Thursday, February 08, 2007

Support An Author

I'll be one of the first to admit that because of our past financial situation, I looked for my reading material at the local library and used book stores. Especially because I can read fast and I very rarely read a book twice. Why buy a book and try to find precious storage space when I'll never read it again?

Well, now I know. A very large issue writers and authors are facing now is that problem. If fans-readers don't BUY their books, the publisher's numbers won't reflect the profit needed to sustain a specific line and/or author. Why buy manuscripts from an author if they can't make enough money to cover advances? Why should a publishing house continue a line if they can't make payroll?

Writers do what they do best, mostly because of a dream or desire to write. Being a published author is the ultimate goal. Few authors actually make the money we all dream of for that second vacation home or to achieve television movie status. But publishing houses are in it to make money. They can't stay in business or venture into new lines if the readers aren't buying books.

So do your favorite author a favor, the economy a favor and BUY your next book/s. I may not be published...YET!! But many of us will never get the opportunity if editors are reluctant to take a chance on new authors.

Which also makes me think of every time I or my son goes online to download music. Musicians and recording artists have been fighting pirating downloads because they are facing the same issues. Their money is made when we BUY their music...something to think about anyways.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I try to support a new author too.
Partly because I know how I'd feel if I were them.

New books I just ordered: "In the stars" by Eileen Cook Her first book. (I pre-ordered it) and an author I met at the NJ RWA conference, Kristan Higgins, her first book, "Fools Rush In".

I can't wait until they're shipped!

I love discovering new authors.

Bella said...

I'm happy to know you, Chelle, a new reader for me...yes! I agree, authors should support other authors. I have ten books on my to-read list in my desk drawers and it keeps growing. I went to get Lucky's Lady by Tami(y) Hoag, Denise recommended it, but my local Borders didn't have it. I'll check several local bookstore/video stores tomorrow.
I also did order two books by a crit partner, Katherine Warwick, who got tired of big-name publishers to recognize her talent and self-published. Then today I read that Harry Potter author is worth 1 billion dollars, just .5billion behind Oprah and I have to admit I was a little green with envy.
Anyway, I was supposed to be back yesterday critting but I'm too burnt out.


Chicki said...

I'm in that financial situation right now. Since I'm basically unemployed, I CAN'T buy books new (or anything else for that matter!)

I buy new when I purchase from the bookclubs I belong to - Black Expressions, Writer's Digest, Literary Guild, QPB, Book of the Month. That's enough!

Erin said...

I buy new when I can. I'm not working right now either.
And music isn't the only thing being pirated nowadays, so are ebooks.