Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Try it you'll like it!

One of my friends, Chicki Brown, has an interesting challenge on her blog to celebrate Black History month. I'd like to copy some of her post for reference...hope it's okay?

Since Wayne Jordan already wrote a short yet wonderful blog on February 3rd on the subject over at Romancing the Blog, please look here to read his thoughts. Then you can go to and click the Kimani box at the top of the page or to see the latest in African American fiction of all genres.

One of the things she encourages all of us is to try something new. We constantly tell our children to try something new, but as adults do we? As an avid romance reader I usually read by favorite author first and then the line I am targeting as a writer. As a teenager I pretty much read what was available. Which mostly strayed racially to "Savage" Indian kidnaps white woman or Indian squaw falls in love with white trapper. As I am Native American it got a little old. I may be a blonde hair, blue-eyed southern girl, I am very proud of my family heritage.

Recently though I started straying outside of my norm and noticed Nelson George. His romance-mystery caught my eye and sounded interesting. But what amazed me as I started researching him, was his background. What an interesting man...take a look at his past and current projects.

Please take time to try something new!

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Chicki said...


Thanks so much for keeping this challenge going! And thank you for being open and honest about your heritage, especially when people wouldn't know it from your appearance.

I understand what you mean about the old stories about Indians. It was the same thing with the slave/master tales. Enough already!

Some people might recognize Nelson George from the shows on VH-1, MTV and E where they have different people commenting on the topic. He's an expert on popular music.