Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Print to Screen transition

Okay...several crit partners have spoken and Montana Sky wasn't any better than last's week Lifetime movie. I felt it was better but would still have to rate it a C. John Corbett was cute and some of their choices for characters fit better with the book version...but they took out ALOT of the twists and turns that made the book interesting. The movie version was slow and drawn out. If they had kept some of the book action it would've moved better on screen. But even Mr. Corbett overacted and made the action seem fake and corny.

Once again it proves that I shouldn't watch movies from books that I have actually enjoyed. It turns me into an instant critic, frustrated at the transition.


Jennifer Shirk said...

I watched a Mary Higgins Clark movie a few years back on a book of hers I LOVED. Needless to say, HATED the movie. I felt like it was so rushed and hollow.

I think the only movie from book versions I'ved liked are the Jane Auten ones. Like Emma and P&P. I wasn't disappointed with the movie versions of those. :)

Chicki Brown said...

My all-time favorite movie adaptation of a book is "The Godfather." I read Mario Puzo's book when it came out, and when the movie hit the screen I wasn't the least bit disappointed.