Monday, February 05, 2007

Movie rights on favorite books...

Have you ever had a favorite book you've read made into a movie...and looked forward to seeing it on the big screen or television? I've had several but I'm not so excited to see them turned into a movie anymore. Most of the time the movie seems so cheesy compared to the book and I get so frustrated when good twists and turns are changed.

Last week began a lineup for Nora Robert's books on the Lifetime Network for Monday nights. The first was the book "Angel Falls". It seemed cheesy because they used strange dramatic effects for Heather Locklears lead heroine character. I didn't care for the hero either but he wasn't too bad because La Nora had his character on the quiet, offbeat side in the book as a reclusive author. But they changed the ending and it didn't really need to be changed. And the character they had playing a main suspect was supposed to be a gorgeous manly man...a lady's man that women couldn't resist. He was skinny and hairy and didn't play into my book of a gorgeous playboy/cowboy. Sorry...I'd have to rate the first in the series a C+.

Tonight looks good though...MMmmmm...John Corbett as a cowboy. My personal kind of sexy hero. But then again my own personal hero IS a real cowboy!! Should be interesting because I liked the book.

Tune in tomorrow...


Bella said...

reading your commentaries makes me wish I had T.V. I like Nora's books, so I'm envious I'm missing her movies. I guess I'll have to wait until they're on DVD.

I'll check out posted chapters starting tomorrow.


Bella said...

Chelle, I totally forgot to mention that I hope you're already communicating with your hubby and wish him thebest while he's over there and pray he returns safely. Let your baby work through his fears and insecurities, hug him tighter and share the letters dh sents...children can be amazingly resilient, you'll find out. Lots of Cyber support.


Chicki said...

I didn't care for Montana Sky although I love John Corbett. But I liked him better on Sex in the City, Raising Helen, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Unlike you, cowboys don't do anything for me. :) The only cowboy that got me excited was when Mario Van Peebles starred in Posse. Whew!

Anyway, back to the movie... To me the acting was pretty poor and the story dragged in places. I fell asleep about 10:15.