Thursday, February 01, 2007

Online Predators

I was recently doing research for a book storyline and ran across some really scary info about online predators. Not just scary for our children...but adult women as well. Tonight our news just happened to feature a story on a dating website so I made sure to watch. They are offering advice and listed an agent's telephone number to set up group talks to discuss our security while online. Whether it be chatting in groups or sites like MySpace. listed some resources in reference to internet security.

Are Your Teens Safe Online?
Internet Safety Guide For Parents
Teaching Kids To Surf Safely
FBI's Guide To Internet Safety
The Parents Edge
Parents Guide To MySpace
Safety PledgesInternet Filters for Parents:
Dictionary Of Online Chat/IM Lingo (from

Special Agent Kurt Stoner Oklahoma Division of the FBI
he heads up the Oklahoma Division of Innocent Images
(405) 290-7770

Surf safe friends!!!


Jennifer Shirk said...

I'm going to pass this info on to my sil. She has two kids going to be 11 and 13 this year.

Good info!

Erin said...

Isn't it sad how the most innocent are the ones being targeted by those perverts. It makes me so angry.
All caring people need this information.

Bella said...

Chelle, here's one site that definitely needs to be shut down. I'll blog about it tomorrow.,
It's by a pedophile and they even have a link for girls interested in such relationship.

So sick.