Friday, March 16, 2007

Career Day

Remember when we were in school and had a variety of professionals come in and discuss their careers? Come on...I know I've been out for 20+ years (that's all I'm giving away) but most schools did it. My crit group recently discussed men in uniforms. Yum. It was a VERY interesting conversation. We have a family friend who is a Fireman and even with the bulky/baggy pants and suspenders to hold them up...there's something about those boots. Ok, I will wipe the drool away and continue. Your welcome.

A friend recently listed a great alternative career choice website for those of us that are getting tired of CIA, FBI...etc. There seems to be a mass market in the romance industry for the beautiful men in uniform. As much as we love them, we're getting tired of the same format and storyline. Chicki Brown gave us a good link for interesting, but tame professions to look at and consider. She has a ton of insightful hints, tips and articles.

Giving Your Character Gainful Employment:

I have a storyline mapped out for another ms and the veterinarian link will come in very handy. Well girls, condolences to Bella for the loss of her father and mess of red-tape trying to be with her family in Kenya. Congrats to Dee at eHarl for the birth of her flower twins! And hugs to Jennifer for her teeth troubles. Have a good weekend. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! (My Ma's name is Kilpatrick)
Showing Shamrock Pot Of Gold
May you always have
Walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire!
May you be inHeaven a half hour before the Devil knows you're dead!
May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
May the best day of your past
Be the worst day of your future.
May those who love us, love us
And those who don't love us,
May God turn their hearts
And if he can't turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles
So we will know them by their limping!
As you slide down the banister of life,
May the splinters never point in the wrong direction!
May your neighbors respect you,
Troubles neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And Heaven accept you.
May you have:
A world of wishes at your command
God and his angels close at hand
Friends and family their love impart,
And Irish blessings in you heart.
May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.
May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live.

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Chicki said...

I'm about as far from Irish as you can get, but I love that!

I don't know how the weather is in OK, but in the ATL it's cold again (wind chill was 27 degrees when I turned on the TV at 6 AM) Ugh!

Have a good weekend.