Monday, March 19, 2007


One of my favorite lines to read is Harlequin SuperRomance. A star that has been shining bright lately is Kay Stockham and she blogs on her website and Pink Ladies Blog. Her first blog was appropriately about romantic gestures. I had a silly grin through the entire post. That is my hubby.

Try, try as hard as he does...I have learned the language. He is a typical man. A big ol' corn-fed cowboy that would sooner shovel horse manure than do the dishes. BUT...if I am sick, behind on something or just stressed out...he will be in the kitchen. He will cook. He may leave a huge greasy mess. He will sometimes clean and will herd the boys away if Mom's hair is sticking up from being pulled out.

Before he left for Iraq, it was a blur of errands and making sure the boys and I were taken care of. He cut down trees at a friend's house and cut firewood so we would have enough to get through the winter. He gave our dogs a bath cause he knew how much I HATE to do it. And he made sure we went to an attorney and filed the right papers so I would be protected while he was gone.

He may not do flowers (he has surprised me and gotten me my favorite pink tulips) and he may not say the flowery prose to be the romantic some females prefer...but he knows how to DO the right thing. I may gripe about what a big baby he can be when it comes down to being sick, or knowing exactly what to do with the house as it explodes when I am sick, but he tries.

Sometimes we need to just look at their gestures, and what it means to them.


Crystal Jordan said...

Well said. Sometimes what they do for us is more important than what they say to us.

Chelle Sandell said...

I know we get frustrated with our sig. others...occasionally. LOL. But it's easy for me to see while he's away, how good he can be. When he's home and in my face...not so easy. haha

Jennifer Shirk said...

YES!! So true. My hubby does a lot too--although not around the house. LOL!
But that's ok. He takes care of us in his own way. And when he DOES do something like clear the table and wash the dishes, (Shockaroo), it's all the more special.

Chicki Brown said...

My husband is great about helping around the house, it's the mushy stuff that makes his skin crawl. I guess that's the reason I write what I do...

When our kids were little I appreciated the help more than I do now. At this stage of my life, to heck with the dirty dishes -- let's go somewhere and makeout!!!

Bunch of Stuff said...

After almost 25 years, my husband still surprises me. Go figure!