Monday, April 16, 2007


We've talked about our writing styles and what motivates us to sit and spend time honing our craft, but what got you going? Most of the writers I know are pursuing a publishing dream and unless it's a paying gig...the checks aren't consistent enough to support a family yet. YET. Sorry, just a little Susie Cheerleader to get us motivated for a Monday!

I'll make this short and sweet. Have to get the oldest to school.

What was it that made you put your foot down and commit to your writing?

Have a calm and unchaotic Monday...a girl can dream.


Chicki Brown said...

I started writing a story just to have something to do on a mind numbingly dull job. I let a coworker and her mother read it, and they both encouraged me to expand it into a novel. Then when I got layed off, it was the push I needed to really work on finishing it and submitting to publishers. Of course that story was my favorite because it was my "baby," but it's now under the mattress and will never again see the light of day!

Chelle Sandell said...

I was staying home with baby and decided to go for it. Hubby got tired of me sitting in kitchen computer center and bought me a laptop so I could at least sit next to him. He would look over and read what I was working on and make comments. Sometimes he got a punch for the comment. LOL.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I was staying at home and got tired of reading, so I decided to write.

Then I went to an author's writer workshop at my local library and got enough positive feedback to give my poor little ego the boost it needed. Ha! :)

Bella said...

Like Jennifer, I was staying at home with my first two and expecting my third, totally tired of reading. I have to admit I started with a young adult, then romance. I was so clueless I didn't discover online critique groups and support system until after I published...yeah, lost in Utah, that was me.


Unknown said...

I'm seeing a trend here - stay at home mom, three kids - I needed an escape. First thing I wrote was a short little 250 word essay for a EHarlequin contest. I sent it overnight on the last possible day (because I stressed and procrastinated :)) and I won! Pumped me up and I haven't looked back.

Chelle Sandell said...

It's funny how we share the same dream. Something else I see similar is we received positive reinforcement early, spurring us on.